Sous Vide Nandos

Everybody likes nandos. I have never been to nandos and not had to wait in line for somebody to hurry up and finish their tasty tasty chicken. It’s old news now to talk about Nandos, everybody now is talking about how ace five guys is and turtle bay is the best thing since Jesus. You can so easily do it yourself and you don’t need to buy those super expensive bottles – not that I have anything against buying over priced bottles…I love an overpriced bottle of something. But you don’t need to for a lovely nandos style vibe. What... View Article

Burnt Squash & Steak

I keep slipping in and out of cooking, it’s some kind of bizarre me-seasonal minor-bi-polar-culinary-el nino. I’ve cooked a hell of a lot of crap. Just looking through the epic archives here all the way back to my duck chimichunag disaster and failed BBQ’s. But it’s all gone in, stored and adapted, I feel I am some point now where I can make some bits of food that I consider good enough…I’m hard work to please. Certain things have stuck with more than others..mainly sous vide, charing & fire. There is something wonderful about a slowly burnt squash, it takes... View Article

Sous Vide Turducken

I’m writing again for a bit. I always wanted a trendy cooking blog and it never really panned out. Mostly because I’m not trendy and don’t blog about cooking very much. You’ve all heard about Turducken. It’s Turkey and Duck. One inside the other. I’ve never even tried it so thought I’d give it a wurl it being the season of the season after all. Starting with a lovely stuffing which is really slowly caramalised leeks Mixed with sausage meat, brioche crumbs, sage and a bit of Rosemary. The basic idea here is bashing out all the meat and popping... View Article

Duck Bourguignon

I thought I was being rather off the wall in my thinking by doing duck bourguignon instead of the usual beef Turns out loads of people have done, but never mind, loads of people have done everything. Everybody has doing everything of something sometimes. So let us begin on our Duck Voyage As a side note I adore fiddling with ducks. You can do so much with them, just from this one duck Ive got about 5 different dishes out it if, duck bourguignon, distilled consommé, something with breasts, crispy skins and something else Im probably forgetting. Here is our... View Article

Sous vide corned beef

I’ve wanted to try this epic for a while. We dont really get corned beef over on these shores. We get the tinned variety, but here I am talking about the delicious slices of slow cooked brisket they do in the USA. The brisket is brined for about a week in lovely sugars, salts and spices and then either boiled or smoked. Of course I’d adore to try smoking the beast for a whole day, but don’t quite have the powers yet. Maybe in a few weeks time. So, I present part one of sous vide corned beef. If you... View Article

Simon Rogan Residence week at Rogan & Co

This week only! Or last week, or that week ages ago, everybody’s favourite forager and micro herb grower Simon Rogan had a special week cooking the dishes that made L’enclume famous. I Rather enjoyed it! I think I Prefer the more laid back approach of Rogan & Co, for some reason L’enclume scared me. Maybe because it was my first posh meal. The food was ace and bizzare and a little more relaxed and fun than some of the normal L’enclume bits…my absolute favourite being the first “Tree Tomato Martini Fizz” which was weird and odd. Something like what Michael... View Article

Sous Vide Bavette Steak

I adore the lesser known cuts of meat. I’m not a fan of serloin or tenderloin, they may be tender out of the box, but they are devoid of flavour, nothing to match a mighty rib eye, full of delicious melting fat. Mr Bavette Steak Bavette steak is a weird one. Another tricky one to get hold of. You either cook it MIGHTY fast or for bloody ages in something like a stew until it goes fall apart tender. After the success of the beef short ribs, I thought I’d do something similar with this cut. Behold the results below!... View Article

Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs are my favourite cut of beef, absolutely GLORIOUS. They can be hard to get hold of, but sooooo worth it! Im aiming to get a pink texture, so cooking quite low on 54 degrees, one rib for three days, the other for four days. Rejoice in the video below for the full joy.

Sous Vide Vension Haunch

So, back to cooking, back to sous vide. I sold the sous vide supreme back in my big purge (video here). I still stand by that purge, it was a glorious freshen up, enabling you to just start your life again, less things, and the things you do have you ADORE and use every day. One of those things I couldnt live without is sous vide, so here we are again, this time with the anova – which is ace! Lets sous vide our venison There would normally be a video, but Im not terribly comfy here, so you are... View Article

Man Behind the Curtain Review

I’d wanted to go here for blinking ages. Summary…it was ace. You should go. I don’t have a vast epic knowledge of ace food, I’ve done three poshers, fat duck, l’enclume and here. I adore here the most. There is no stuffyness, it’s all cool and dark with Gary Numan playing his organ in the trendy exposed rafters. I felt safe here like I was welcome and belonged. Compared to being scared to sausages in l’enclume and ESPECIALLY at fat duck. Of course you have the tasting menu. You eat whatever the hell my friend Michael wants to make. I... View Article

Slooooooow bbq beef ribs.

This cut of meat is going to go the way of pork belly and lamb shanks (expensive) get in there quick whilst it’s cheap. If you adore your meat gloriously moist, sticky and smooth you will adore the beef rib. If you enjoy dry meat, you’re in the wrong place. There is only way to go with the beef rib, very very long and slow. More intense fans may remember the vlog ages ago with the sous vide experiments. Can a single day cook in a low oven with a finish on the BBQ yield as tasty results? We start... View Article


It’s been quite a while since I had felt the sheer fear I felt opening the doors and walking into L’enclume. The last time I felt such a fear I was wearing sport shoes with sticky out bits on the bottom and it was raining. It was also Tuesday. You’re reading this because you are ace and a foody and already know about L’enclume so I don’t need to go over any of the usual jazz / tasting menu / foraging / local food. You know it has two Michelin stars, you know Rogan is in charge and it is... View Article