Sous Vide Nandos

Everybody likes nandos. I have never been to nandos and not had to wait in line for somebody to hurry up and finish their tasty tasty chicken. It’s old news now to talk about Nandos, everybody now is talking about how ace five guys is and turtle bay is the best thing since Jesus. You can so easily do it yourself and you don’t need to buy those super expensive bottles – not that I have anything against buying over priced bottles…I love an overpriced bottle of something. But you don’t need to for a lovely nandos style vibe. What... View Article

Burnt Squash & Steak

I keep slipping in and out of cooking, it’s some kind of bizarre me-seasonal minor-bi-polar-culinary-el nino. I’ve cooked a hell of a lot of crap. Just looking through the epic archives here all the way back to my duck chimichunag disaster and failed BBQ’s. But it’s all gone in, stored and adapted, I feel I am some point now where I can make some bits of food that I consider good enough…I’m hard work to please. Certain things have stuck with more than others..mainly sous vide, charing & fire. There is something wonderful about a slowly burnt squash, it takes... View Article

Sous Vide Oxtail

I’m a massive fan of the cheap cuts of meat. A lovely £10 rib eye steak is all very well, but for £1.20 you can get yourself two massive oxtail chunks with additional tasty bones. I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, so apologies for the lack of photography. I basically browned oxtail chunks in a pan, removed, added onions, carrots, celery, the usual lads. Deglazed with Newcastle brown ale and cooked right down to a think syrupy gloup. Normally I wouldn’t reduce down, I’d just add the oxtail and pop in a really low oven. As... View Article

Salt Baked Chicken

I’m a big fan of doing odd things to chicken. Fans of badly written blog posts may like to read previous postings about malibu smoked chicken and beer can chicken Tonight it is salt baked chicken. The basic idea is a whole chicken encased in salt and baked (Normally the technique is used with fish). The salt should form an epic tight crust keeping all the chicken wonderfulness inside…well, lets see… You will need salt. It’s a tad tricky to explain at the checkout. Add egg whites until it all becomes a kind of sticky mess Add lovely herbs to... View Article

Thai Restorative Joy

I’m still struggling writing here. I always found it great therapy, an escape. I’m struggling with my relationship with food at the moment, it doesn’t seem the same, the desire is there, but its somehow dulled? Cooking is a happy time, everything needs to be ok and safe in your bubble to feel truly comfortable whilst cooking. I forced myself into a good healthy meal of excellence. A meal an epic entrepreneur would eat for lunch to fill himself with power and energy. THAI soup noodles. Wonderfully healthy and restorative, extortionately expensive in tampopo, costs nothing in a real world... View Article