Sous vide corned beef

I’ve wanted to try this epic for a while. We dont really get corned beef over on these shores. We get the tinned variety, but here I am talking about the delicious slices of slow cooked brisket they do in the USA. The brisket is brined for about a week in lovely sugars, salts and spices and then either boiled or smoked. Of course I’d adore to try smoking the beast for a whole day, but don’t quite have the powers yet. Maybe in a few weeks time. So, I present part one of sous vide corned beef. If you... View Article

#pig2k15 bbq suckling pig

This is a long one. What pleases me most is that I’m writing this on a laptop that is stuck to a wooden table with pig juice, I’m surrounded by empty box wine, beer bottles and metal instruments of torture. Welcome to #pig2k15 This one has been on the books for a while, but the moment never seemed right to fully kick into action, it’s a lot of work and we never really decided what the hell we were going to do, the original intention was to vac pac the pig and sit with it in a hot tub in... View Article

The Fish

Being the avid and devoted burning kitchen reader that you are, I’m sure you know about my recent love of fire (see initial spark here) I’ve only just realised this blog is called burning kitchen, huzzah how appropriate. I feel like Nigel Slater, or some format of ‘proper’ food blogger tonight. It’s been a mental long few days at work, and I’m sat here feeling quite good about myself for the first time in a bit. I have become that food dick I want to be. This is me now… The sun is shining…if I close my eyes I am... View Article

Barry’s Cheeseburgers

Join Barry on his quest to enjoy and find lovely cheese burgers. Further details on his blog over at

Deep Fried Turkey

Being the avid burning kitchen reader that you are, I’m sure you’ll be aware I’ve been having a bit of crappy time recently, constantly battling with one thing or a bloody another. Lots of tiny violins please. What makes me happy and feel really lucky in this chunk of universe is knowing that I can walk upto some chaps/chapesses and say “I’ve had an idea, do you fancy doing something dangerous?” And in less than 8 seconds we’re off to Macro to buy all the gear to make the dream a reality. It’s Christmas. I’m not a fan of it... View Article

Injected Chips

There is a mythical frozen food from my childhood that only a select few seem to remember. It was a format of chip that had red sauce actually WITHIN the chip. I acquired a syringe from a girl with gin in her bag. Im thinking the potato needs to be quite large and cooked first before the internal structure would be soft enough to allow for injection. Im going to follow the general rules for heston chips. Here are our lads after a good few soaks to remove starch Into the sous vide at 80 degrees until soft Then left... View Article