Duck Bourguignon

I thought I was being rather off the wall in my thinking by doing duck bourguignon instead of the usual beef

Turns out loads of people have done, but never mind, loads of people have done everything. Everybody has doing everything of something sometimes.

So let us begin on our Duck Voyage

As a side note I adore fiddling with ducks. You can do so much with them, just from this one duck Ive got about 5 different dishes out it if, duck bourguignon, distilled consommé, something with breasts, crispy skins and something else Im probably forgetting.

Here is our duck. Which is actually a lot cheaper than buying two ducks breasts

Duck Bourguignon

We’re gonna use the legs and cook them nice and slowly

So get cracking we need the usual lads, bacon, onion, garlic..

First we’ll gently fry our legs to get some of that glorious duck out.

Remove when brown and add our goodies

Sweat right down and add about half a bottle of red wine

Return our duck legs and let cook slowly for a couple of hours

We then sieve the sauce and pop the legs back in

When we are ready to go, we reduce that sauce down like a crazy monkey

Thicken by swirling in butter

Fry our duck legs to crisp up their skins

And serve it up! Here I’ve done it with Heston’s Mash and some home done onions rings.

MIGHTY tasty!

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