Hestons Mash

I have been wanting to try this for some time. Heston Blumenthal’s ultimate mash. Apparently is it absolutely wonderful. Not something to whip out quickly, there are several stages.

Lets get started.

First we peel our potatoes and plunge into water, and change often to try and remove any starch that is hanging around.


With the peelings we put them to one side. Bring some milk to the boil, add the peelings, cover and leave for half an hour to infuse


We now vac pac our potatoes…


We now need to ‘set’ the potatoes at exactly 72 degrees for 30 minutes..


Then cool until you are ready for the next stage…

We then boil the potatoes until they fall apart. Drain, and set aside to drain off.

We now push them through a ricer…


Return to a pan, add the potato skin milk and a chunk of butter. We then push through a sieve, and up with…


It tasted better than it looked! Again as with the meal it accompanied, this was VERY rich VERY luscious mash. Extremely tasty and smoother than 6 smooth things.

Will be trying this again.


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