Man Behind the Curtain Review

I’d wanted to go here for blinking ages. Summary…it was ace. You should go.

I don’t have a vast epic knowledge of ace food, I’ve done three poshers, fat duck, l’enclume and here. I adore here the most.

There is no stuffyness, it’s all cool and dark with Gary Numan playing his organ in the trendy exposed rafters. I felt safe here like I was welcome and belonged. Compared to being scared to sausages in l’enclume and ESPECIALLY at fat duck.

Of course you have the tasting menu. You eat whatever the hell my friend Michael wants to make. I am perfectly fine with this. We went with the wine pairing too.

The wine

The wine was ace actually! You get loads of wine, and not just wine, there was an epic vermouth. This is how we looked after two courses…



Massaged Octopus With paprika butter and capers

He started out with this ace bit of silky smooth octopussy wiggly bit. It was tender than a Jesus hat. I don’t know how he did it, every time I have tried to do anything with octopus it comes out like rubber.


15 year old dairy cow and olives

This was ACE! It was bits of fat from a really old dairy cow served with some olive magic and some kind of potato science where Michael managed to turn a potato into clingfilm.


Sea urchin bolognese

This was reet trendy. They served some puffed up crispy noodles and then poured ontop a bolognese of spider crab. Taste a rific!


Spider crap basque stew

This was a lovely spanishy basque gooey stew (no idea what was in it) but with an egg ontop which was a quail egg and some kind of fruity circle item.


Imancipation thing

This one is so ace that it can’t even be photographed, it’s gravity of excellence just absorbes your eye. It’s black sous vide cod in squid ink with crispy potatos. It just smells of fish and chips and its simply gloriously tender, soft and crispy all at the same time.


Iberian pork, slow cooked egg, bbq cinders

This is his favourite I think, you see it a lot on the interwebs. Beautiful different cuts of pork, all cooked in different ways. It’s served on some kind of sherry sauce with a slow cooked egg inside an edible egg shell.


BBQ Prawn head

Just a little tiny taste of ace. A smoky delicious prawn head come to you, and then the lady pours out all his tasty brains onto the bottom bit. Delicious and bbq smokeytastic.


Chocolate ice cream with lavender with potato sauce, beetroot crispy things

More crazy Michael magic. I don’t like deserts, but this was ace, not too sweet, it was almost savoury. LOVED the beetroot crispy bits, so much so that the lady brought out a tupperwear with more of them in.


Mini cake

He finishes with a little tiny microcake that just oozes into your mouth.

The whole blinking experience is my favourite food experience to date. Get yourself on his website and get yourself booked in. You’ll ADORE it!

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