Wahaca Manchester

You know better than to expect an accurate format of review here, (I still feel so bad about the inaccurate review of lake road kitchen) but never the less (should ‘never the less’ be all one word? – I feel like it should be?) and about 2 weeks later, I present a poor review of Wahaca Manchester. Being an international #entrepreneur and #businessman I was in Manchester doing #business and it happened to co-incide with the opening night of Wahaca Manchester, so being one of the UK’s leading food bloggers it made sense to go along. Being a food type... View Article

Almost a spring roll

We are #so approaching the end of series three of the burning kitchen that I’m struggling to type, but I want to, there are things to say, but don’t have the power right now. Something about food and story is forming in my brain, it’s not fancy. It’s just food as a format of human bonding, living…a big table, that type of jive. Honesty. Real food…something, it will be back soon…possibly with my preserved lemons. This IS NOT the same story as heston’s fat duck reinventing as story, well, actually maybe it is…? Oh my gosh, it might be. Mine... View Article

Sous Vide Grouse

Oddly and bang on both season and trend I found myself buying a grouse during the Glorious Twelfth Click it for a ready pops. I didn’t. I probably should. All is know is that I had a grouse. The general jive is roasting the chap whole and then doing the breast squeezing thing to work out if its done. I do not process such breast squeezing power so will get it all de boned, sous vide the breasts and make a stock out of the other bits. Boney bits in the pressure cooker to make us a stock, after which... View Article

Kitchen Plays

For some reason I’m struggling at the end of this cooking cycle. I’m not cooking and not really sure why. I’m forcing myself to do so in a new category of kitchen plays. As much as I hate order and any format of plan, there is this part of me that demands certain things to go in boxes. I’m really looking forward to season 4 of the burning kitchen, but that Is going to be about a month off, so will force myself on with these plays. Basic idea behind the kitchen play is to buy new ingredients or try... View Article

Greek Flame Lytham

I’m a big fan of things that just feel right and happen for a reason. It’s all very cosmic balance. Greek Flame in Lytham was one of those. Lytham is a bit up market with loads of gorgeous table cloth style places. There are normally two wine glasses each on the table and a guy on a guitar after 9pm. Don’t get me wrong, I do adore that and adore being out of my comfort zone and depth. But just standing outside of this little house grabbed me. It was a sunny day, they were pumping greek music out into... View Article

Chicken Korma

I’m not that much of a manpower man. As much as I like to think I could take the spice, I’m more of a chicken tikka masala man. Or anything creamy and soft. My favourite was something Daddy and Mummy kitchen used to get from the Blackburn takeaway, it was a format of Korma with a banana in it alongside some nuts of some sort. This isn’t an excellent recipe or any format of thing you should follow. It’s a random attempt at a chicken korma. Put together on the fly using some of (any ignoring other) knowledge that has... View Article

Monte cristo

The day was going fine until the meeting. The meeting was about 4 hours. By the end of it I had no idea who I was or what the hell I do, or why I was doing it. I was so brain-washed I couldn’t leave the office, I had no idea how to get home and what I needed to take, or how I even get home. Luckily I wasn’t driving. Certain foods are reserved for times of need. The Monte Cristo is reserved for such occasions. The Monte Cristo is not an exciting food, it’s not a celebration food,... View Article

Moroccan? Lamb

I don’t cook with fruit or nuts, and I know it’s all the rage. Nigel Slater is out there right now cooking pears with nuts and stuffing chickens with apricots, dates and anything he can find on your allotment. Being a completely trendy gentlemen, I thought it time to get in on the action. Trendy Adam would have nipped up the road to the market, but I am in no mood for social interaction and need the clubcard points. Self scan tesco time resulted in a chunk of lamb, apricots, dates, almonds, another nut and a tin to put them... View Article

Roast Rib of Beef

It’s a while since I’ve roasted meat. Since I got the sous vide machine way back in the day, I’ve been a bit scared of meat that wasn’t perfectly pink all the way through. It’s quite late in the day and I don’t have time to get the sous vide up to temp, vac pac and bathe this glorious piece of rolled rib eye. I’ve never really bought more expensive meat, but the pig adventure has made me think a little bit more about meat, have better meat and less often and all that jaz. There I stood (looking gorgeous... View Article

#pig2k15 bbq suckling pig

This is a long one. What pleases me most is that I’m writing this on a laptop that is stuck to a wooden table with pig juice, I’m surrounded by empty box wine, beer bottles and metal instruments of torture. Welcome to #pig2k15 This one has been on the books for a while, but the moment never seemed right to fully kick into action, it’s a lot of work and we never really decided what the hell we were going to do, the original intention was to vac pac the pig and sit with it in a hot tub in... View Article

Smoked Lamb

You don’t really hear too much about smoked lamb. You normally associate the smoke format with fish, pork and maybe cheese, why not lamb or eggs (another day) or some other thing that I’m just far too tired to think about right now. (Still recovering from food overload at Lake Road Kitchen) Most of these adventures start with a trip to the reduced meat aisle at Morrisons, today it was a lamb shoulder for about £3, so you can’t really ignore that. The general plan is quickly sear on the bbq, and then smoke on a much lower heat on... View Article

Lake Road Kitchen Ambleside

It’s a bit late in the evening and my tummy is full of tired and gin, but I need to get this one out before I forget anything. As a side nugget of fascinating information – I thought I’d join all the other guys and have a bash at reviewing places alongside my other shit cooking experiments. Based on my budget for eating out I wouldn’t go expecting weekly epic reviews of excellence. The review after this one is for a £1.49 microwave lamb dinner. TO THE REVIEW… Lake Road Kitchen in Ambleside I’ve never been anywhere on this scale... View Article

Rum Chicken & Smoked Mash

Yes, still into cooking things with fire. I read/watched/heard/ate once(and then forgot about) smoked mash. For some reason it’s in my head as being all the rage. I think the major guys are using either smoked cheese to bring the smokiness or using once of those ace polyscience smoker guns. Now don’t get me wrong I’d bloody adore one of those smoking guns but it doesn’t seem to sit right with my new fire and pure roots inspired by the man the legend Francis Mallman (Click here for the starting point of all this fire nonsense) So I’m just putting... View Article

Trampy Burger

I am extremely hard work when it comes to burgers. There are trendy burgers as seen in our posting on Solita’s burgers And from our posting on Barry’s burger night you can see the idea of a burger is massively mentally wide. I have quite a particular taste, I’m not up for the high end burger. I’m either Mr.Shit carnival burger (shit burger, shit bun, fried onions, shit cheese slice and red sauce) or the USA style of trampy bbq burger. I can’t really describe what I mean, It needs that element of flame that you get from Burger king,... View Article

The Fish

Being the avid and devoted burning kitchen reader that you are, I’m sure you know about my recent love of fire (see initial spark here) I’ve only just realised this blog is called burning kitchen, huzzah how appropriate. I feel like Nigel Slater, or some format of ‘proper’ food blogger tonight. It’s been a mental long few days at work, and I’m sat here feeling quite good about myself for the first time in a bit. I have become that food dick I want to be. This is me now… The sun is shining…if I close my eyes I am... View Article

Lamb Play

Why the hell do I feel this desire to plate up delicate food? If you have met me, or talked to me in any format, you’d know that any essence of neatness or perfection is FAR FAR from my world. Yet I feel the urge. So with the power of a box of wine I present a series of lamb experiments. This is a weird one. I had a LOAD of left over lamb on the bone parts from the Asian supermarket. Rather than see it go off, I stewed it in the slow cooker overnight in a bottle of... View Article

Season 3?

I’m one of those annoying guys that leaves with drama and then comes back. I don’t think I’m back? I had visions of returning to rambling and cooking and cooking about rambling and rambling about cooking as the finished man. I’m not sure I can be that finished guy for quite a while, maybe I never will be…maybe that is the fun interesting part of the journey? This blog has been a house of sanity for me, from the first terrible blog and disasters through experiments with modernist techniques, experiments with people and more fun cooking, videos and the most... View Article

Burning things

So… cooking things. I am struggling with the summer. I kind of put all format of cooking bloggery aside whilst I became epic business man..which does seem to be working and things are fixing themselves…but part of me misses this world so much. Although the break does seem to be doing me some good, and re-aligning what I’d like my food or style or essence of either to be. …I think it may involve fire. I’ve been youtubing nordic areas a lot. Guys cooking over open fires, pits, burning hay, really olden day cave men type of shit…nothing refined, just... View Article


I’ve gone odd again. I’m working like captain Christmas so that may be something to do with it, but my urge to cook has dipped a bit again. Maybe I am seasonal. Don’t get me wrong, still obsessed with eating, food, tasting, and everything that goes along with it, but the urge to push any boundaries seems to be on the back burner. Most of my cooking at the moment is based around things I know work well, tonight for instance is sous vide chicken thighs 70 degrees for an hour in nandos sauce, then blow torched, served with 1/2... View Article

Pea. Feta. Basil.

Summer. It’s still bloody ages off, but there was an essence of it today. All of a sudden the usual slow cooked manky fatty meats which I usually adore seem a bit heavy and unrefined. Recently I’ve been in a bit of a food rut. Basically the same thing over and over, or variations on. Sous vide it, slow cook it, make a sauce, serve with a carb…done time story. I have this epic and beautiful book on my desk at work (currently used as a mouse mat), I adore it, it’s basically a collection of gorgeous food from Jerusalem,... View Article