Barry’s Cheeseburgers

Join Barry on his quest to enjoy and find lovely cheese burgers. Further details on his blog over at

Mash in Duck

There is something about doing the whole duck.Something greater than the sum of its parts. All roasted slowly together until you get a gooey, greasy slab of tasty animal. I went with something I read from Simon Hopkinson (link) He pops a load of mash potato in the cavety and then roasts the bird. The thought of mash soaking up greasy duck juice got me excited, so gave it a wurl. Served in the Michelin style with a pan of gravy and a bowl of excavated mash. To be honest, wasnt too keen on the mash, it took on quite... View Article

Chicken in Hay

It’s all the blinking rage cooking things in hay. I had some left over from the heston fish pie so thought I’d have a go. This is basically a rip off of the epic Tom Kerridge’s dish. Here is a photo from a couple of weeks back of me and Tom before we went swimming. So here we go…a chicken and some hay. Layer of hay in a cooking vessel, chicken on top with bay leaves and thyme Cover with more delicious hay and add cider Tin foil him and into a half hot oven After about an hour and... View Article

Thai Fish Pumpkin Curry Thing

This is one of my favourite curries. It has never ever let me down. This isn’t a punchy spicy curry, this is winter curry. A curry for a cold winters night, a smooth, sweet, savoury cuddle of a curry. Its based on Nigella’s curry. Basically you need to pre roast your squash before creating a gloriously silky curry base with coconut milk. Add your salmon right at the end with the curry off the heat to keep everything held together. Serve not with rice.

Chicken Galantine

Every now and then it is time to try something a bit pretentious that will no doubt fail. I’m having another attempt at a chicken galantine, basically stuffing a smashed chicken breast with a mousse of itself, sous vided and then quickly fried in butter. The last time I tried this, the chicken mousse came out very grainy and bitter, we’ll have a bash at sorting that out tonight. We’ll start work on the mousse that we will use to stuff the chicken breast, we’ll sweat off some leek with garlic, thyme, rosemary and bayleaf After a good sweat we’ll... View Article

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a quick version of last years Heston’s Chicken Tikka Masala. It really is worth the effort of roasting the spices, sieving the sauce and separately cooking the chicken (bbq if you can).


Have you heard who’s back? Our glorious friend the Mc Rib. I have such gorgeous fond memories of this sweet, sticky, porky savoury treat. It’s not for everybody, it’s very USA…Not very #Preston In all fairness, its not actually that excellent, its just such a novelty to be able to get sticky sweet BBQ during the day. I had a bash at doing my own. It’s easy peasy and gets you 93% of the way there. We’ll start with some kind of pork with some kind of fat, Ive gone for whatever this cut is Add to a blender Add... View Article

Deep fried everything

Dear reader, shortly you will be taken on a dangerous journey to a magical world. A world of molton cheese, carbohydrates and big steaming vats of boiling oil. For this evening. We are deep frying. Everything. The basic idea is bring something. Batter it. Deep fry it. Eat it. Worry about it tomorrow. I adore these types of events. Everybody getting involved, everybody forced to cater for me whilst I watch Deep Fried Mc Donalds Double Cheese burger The most mighty item on the Mc Donalds menu is the double cheese. A piece of art. A burger that seems to... View Article

Carpet Picnic

No epic food adventure today. In fact there has been no epic food adventures this week. There are epic silly plans for tomorrow which you will no doubt be bombarded with soon live on twitter and then later here on your favourite shit cooking blog. This is a rant, and I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with it. Sometimes it’s time to cook epically beautiful and wonderful crafted sous vide food, sometimes its time to have a good old project cook and do something dangerous…sometimes it’s time just cut open a chicken, pile on nandos sauce and wack in... View Article

Breakfast Bavette

So, remember our sous vide bavette from yesterday? I kept half the bavette in the water bath until the morning to see if the extra 12 hours actually did anything more tasty to the meat. This will also double up as some low carb breakfast thing…Maybe low carb is the way to go for diet? Well not diet, but food lifestyle? I need to find something (getting flabby face)… some are doing the fast two day thing..but that doesn’t seem to sit right with me. I think the way to go is less carb, more veg, less wine and we... View Article

Sous Vide Bavette, Bone Marrow, Jerusalem Artichoke

I know we aren’t getting that much better with the pretentious titles. I’m on some form of path to try new things. Is the excellent food at the fat duck and l’enclume really excellent? Can it beat a tasty bacon butty? I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone Not that this blog post is anything excellent, to be honest it’s a sludgy mess…BUT…. There are moments and lessons learnt of excellent, surprising taste avenues and new vegetables found. You’d be completely bored if I was posting excellence daily, its about the journey and the lessons learnt…Read on…... View Article

Sous Vide rack of lamb, chorizo oil, salse verde, left over potatos

I’m aware the titles are becoming more and more pretentious. This issue is known and will be dealt with. I was in Morrisons two days after Christmas and followed the staff member going to every bit of meat and slashing the price as Morrisons assumed nobody could be bothered cooking any more. Lucky me. Rack of lamb £4, that Silverside from the other adventure £5. I think I got something porky as well and stashed in the freezer. I looked like a hippy, hobo atkins legend at scan and pack. (S&P) I had to fight EXTREMELY HARD not just to... View Article

African Spice Rubbed Sous Vide Silverside & Fufu

It’s a while since I have sous vide’d /veedafied / veed/ anything, I had never tried a whole chunk of cheapish beef. Rather than go for the usual Sunday roast or simple beef I thought I’d Africa it up a bit. (I’ll spare you my obsession with African cuisine for another day) I know many talk of spices not working too well cooked at really low temperatures for a long time, and dont fully release their flavours, so I’m cooking them first. I’ve a mix of lovely warm spices, cinnamon, cumin, coriander seeds, star anise, cloves.. Then rubbed into our... View Article

Heston’s Fish Pie (ish)

Drawing eternal inspiration from the mighty powerful and patient Phil, I decided to have a go at Heston’s Fish Pie. Obviously if you want to see this done right visit Phil’s blog. I was going for more of an ‘inspired by’ approach due to my low attention span and immediate hunger. Shall we begin? Right, first stage is curing the fish. I couldnt get kombu so am using sushi seaweed, ground up (badly) with salt, sugar and a bit of vermouth Yeh, not starting off too well, this should be quite a fine paste Cling film and fridge for a... View Article

Scotch egg

I had a sausage left over. A single sausage is such a lonely thing, not enough for a butty, not enough for a fry up…The only solution was the scotch egg. I’ve never ever home made these before, a sausage bashed up with some left over pate, moulded rounded a boiled egg, dunked in egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried. An extremely happy story! Of course I would have adored that yolk to be a tad runny….

Cheese Toasty

This was a bit crap to be honest. I didn’t have any white bread in, and couldn’t summon the energy from my worn out body to put clothes on to go outside and buy bread, so had to make some. An experiment in video. If you watch it, the pictures will move, if you listen, you will hear shit license free music.

Deep Fried Turkey

Being the avid burning kitchen reader that you are, I’m sure you’ll be aware I’ve been having a bit of crappy time recently, constantly battling with one thing or a bloody another. Lots of tiny violins please. What makes me happy and feel really lucky in this chunk of universe is knowing that I can walk upto some chaps/chapesses and say “I’ve had an idea, do you fancy doing something dangerous?” And in less than 8 seconds we’re off to Macro to buy all the gear to make the dream a reality. It’s Christmas. I’m not a fan of it... View Article

Small land animal

I’m not at that stage with the meat man to ask him what this animal was. Never the less, Im thinking attacking it like the pheasant is the way to go, cooking breast and leg separate, so lets get him all separated – which turned out to be a lot harder than the pheasant. I might treat myself to a sharp knive when Liz says I can. Before we get started, all the bones and the usual guys in the pressure cooker to get ourselves a nice stock So. I’m thinking for the legs a long slow poach in red... View Article


I’m having a lovely weekend. A really lovely weekend. Markets, small animals, bacon, coffee and rambling away at you. The only thing missing is baking. I’m not a super mega fan of the cake and I’m not too hot on accuracy and following recipes, so don’t do much with baking. To keep my brain occupied from the weird, I decided to set a baking challenge, I briefly considered croissants until I saw a photo of somebody using both scales and a measuring tape so screw that. Brioche it is. The king of breads. The americans know what they are doing... View Article

Bacon Butty

Nobodies bacon butty is as good as yours. Listen to nobody. The way you are doing it is glorious and fine tuned to your desires. When others make bacon bacon butties for you they are shit arent they? I’m a bit obsessed with bacon. It’s always there in some format at every important moment of my life. My bacon butty has gone through many changes over the years as I chat to other glorious bacon enthusiasts. I have been in passionate arguments over butty v batch, red sauce v brown sauce, buttered bread, dry bread, thick bread, thin bread…toast (wrong)... View Article