I’ve been making pizza and websites since I was 13. I’ve used every method, every type of cheese, every type of heat…in search of the perfect pizza, and I’ve still not got it bob on. Everybody has a favourite type of pizza, stodgy thick tasty Dominos, crispy super tasty Pizza Express, and canteen style pizza with chips and gravy. I adore them all. Tonight I’m going for something Pizza Expressish, something thin and crispy. Here is what we are starting with… I’ve bobbed some dried yeast in a cup of warm water…no idea how much. I also have treated myself... View Article

Duck Chimi changa

I’ve been left alone in the house this evening. This usually means there will loud prog rock, duck, and a deep fatfryer. I should do something glorious with the duck, but I need something tasty, dripping in oil and crispy…Duck Chimichangas it is. Seek Duck Cut off the fat and bash the duck bit about like that person who is giving you a real hard time.. Stick the fat in a pan LOW and render it down until all the tasty fat comes out of it Take out those glorious crispy bits of left over fat and throw some onions... View Article


There is always mince in the fridge. If the world ended I could make a single packet of mince feed 400 people for 400 days, like Jesus did with the wine and fishes, but more mince based. Tonight Im doing mince thing with dumplings. Its basically mince, with everything left in the fridge, loads of veg…with dumplings…the more dumplings the better. We start with cheap mince. My good close personal friend Mr Blumenthal (he never calls) told me to almost burn my mince before cooking to get that melliard reaction going…it does makes a difference…split your mince into two pans... View Article


Sometimes you just want cheese. This was a failed attempt to cram as much cheese into a meal as possible. I was aiming for a type of cheese spinach lasagne thing. Stage one, wilt the spinach in garlic (the addition of garlic relieves the cheese of all fats) Add tasty spinach to ricotta, more garlic, a bit of cream, more garlic, some parmesan and some left over cheddar from the back of the cupboard Layer between sheets of pasta – I actually make my own, its SO easy and tastes so nice and soaks up tasty goodness from your filling,... View Article


Never really looked into this one, but thought I’d keep it in mind for the next few days. UMAMI. This is one of Hestons friends although first pioneered by Escoffier who discovered this new flavour sensation using veal, and then later pinned down as being science by some fantastic Japanese chap. Umami is a format of taste, along the lines of sweet, savoury, sour and all those lads. It a type of rich meaty tastiness, an undefined gloriousness of taste. It’s found in a few things, bacon, star anise, and the bottle I have to hand….fish sauce. I’m giving it... View Article


Today was the first day I have been to the gym for a month. I entered the swimming arena and was lapped several times by a very elderly lady. My hair was too long to fit in the swimming cap and I was too scared to leave the water as people would look at my tummy wobbly areas…I swam until nobody was looking and then ran/hobbled to the changing area and back to work. But at least I went to the gym. Inspired by being a daily swimmer I thought tonight I would venture into the realms of super healthy... View Article