Simon Rogan Residence week at Rogan & Co

This week only! Or last week, or that week ages ago, everybody’s favourite forager and micro herb grower Simon Rogan had a special week cooking the dishes that made L’enclume famous.

I Rather enjoyed it! I think I Prefer the more laid back approach of Rogan & Co, for some reason L’enclume scared me. Maybe because it was my first posh meal.

The food was ace and bizzare and a little more relaxed and fun than some of the normal L’enclume bits…my absolute favourite being the first “Tree Tomato Martini Fizz” which was weird and odd. Something like what Michael over at Man Behind the Curtain would think of. It had a reconstructed olive in there – I Know that sounds rather wanky, but it was ace.


I don’t have any pictures of the rest of the meal, but encourage you strongly to watch this lovingly prepared video of the evening.

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