Slooooooow bbq beef ribs.

This cut of meat is going to go the way of pork belly and lamb shanks (expensive) get in there quick whilst it’s cheap. If you adore your meat gloriously moist, sticky and smooth you will adore the beef rib. If you enjoy dry meat, you’re in the wrong place.

There is only way to go with the beef rib, very very long and slow. More intense fans may remember the vlog ages ago with the sous vide experiments.

Can a single day cook in a low oven with a finish on the BBQ yield as tasty results?

We start with our beautiful fatty meat, all fatty and meaty with a bone sticking out


After about 6 hours in a 100 degree oven covered in oyster sauce, ginger, garlic and probably some chilli, we have these beasts, gooey and yielding away from the bone.


The sauce they were cooked in is epically reduced down into a delicious syrup, re-applied to our beef ribs and placed our Big Green Egg


And here we are! Delicious, I wont say yeilding again but they were. Just picking one up would cause it to fall from the bone. The texture is a lot more gooey the the sous vide cook. Bloody gorgeous. The best cut of meat in the world. Get some.



  • @GasbagTheRuler says:

    Huge fan of this type of business. Might get some soon and take them in a vaguely Korean direction, I think. And I actually thought you’d bought a Big Green Egg for a minute! 😉

    • Burning Windmill says:

      Bless you sir for your read 🙂 They are defo my favourite bit of meat the moment. I would adore the green egg so much, but doesnt quite seem ‘right’ or something? Too yuppy or expensive, its fire for blinking sake…or something….

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