Sous Vide Nandos

Everybody likes nandos.

I have never been to nandos and not had to wait in line for somebody to hurry up and finish their tasty tasty chicken. It’s old news now to talk about Nandos, everybody now is talking about how ace five guys is and turtle bay is the best thing since Jesus.

You can so easily do it yourself and you don’t need to buy those super expensive bottles – not that I have anything against buying over priced bottles…I love an overpriced bottle of something. But you don’t need to for a lovely nandos style vibe.

What makes the difference here is the vinager and lime. I learnt this trick from the pit boy bbq lads on the youtubes.

You basically marinade your chicken bits in the aforementioned vinager, lime, corriander and other treats of your choice. I have gone with chilly far too much garlic, salt and pepper and onion granuals. In the fridge. Over night.

We then separate the dark meat and the light meat. Thighs and wings go into the sous machine for 3 hours at 68 degrees.

Breasts just go in for an hour.

Then we just wait!

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