Sous Vide Turducken

I’m writing again for a bit. I always wanted a trendy cooking blog and it never really panned out. Mostly because I’m not trendy and don’t blog about cooking very much.

You’ve all heard about Turducken. It’s Turkey and Duck. One inside the other. I’ve never even tried it so thought I’d give it a wurl it being the season of the season after all.

Starting with a lovely stuffing which is really slowly caramalised leeks

Mixed with sausage meat, brioche crumbs, sage and a bit of Rosemary.

The basic idea here is bashing out all the meat and popping it inside each other with lots of lovely stuffing and then sous viding a lovely column of meat.

So here we go with our Turkey, boned and bashed.

Here are some duck breasts that I’ll bash out..

And a lovely guinea fowl…

Here we go with layer one, stuffing on top and then our Gunea fowl bashers.

Then some blended guinea fowl thigh and then our glorious duck breasts

With great ‘skill’ and patience he’s rolled in a lovely tube

And rammed into a big pan with the sous vide stick running at about 68 degrees…

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