Sous Vide Vension Haunch

So, back to cooking, back to sous vide.

I sold the sous vide supreme back in my big purge (video here). I still stand by that purge, it was a glorious freshen up, enabling you to just start your life again, less things, and the things you do have you ADORE and use every day. One of those things I couldnt live without is sous vide, so here we are again, this time with the anova – which is ace!

Lets sous vide our venison

There would normally be a video, but Im not terribly comfy here, so you are spared.

I have never actually had nice vension. The last time was at a German wedding and it had been cooked…Cooked beyond the point of slow gooey tender into a new realm of dry.


There isnt much fat on this joint, so im thinking of aiming for pink, im going for 54 degrees for two hours.

We sear the outside to get some tasty Malliard reaction in that bag


Here he is all bagged up in his luke warm two hour bath


At the moment I’m in the mood for having a good at putting this beast in pastry, similar to a beef wellington. No doubt later I wont be bothered, but better being prepared.

So here we are making our stuffing to go around our meat and to seal against the pastry. Glorious onions and mushrooms, slowly slowly fried…


2 Hours later..


Here he is all patted dry, and now VERY quickly fried again..


As expected, I couldn’t be bothered putting him in pastry, so those mushrooms and onions were turned into a sauce with some cranberries, reduced down and thickened with butter.


Now then…look at this…




I have forgiven venison.

I’ve always been put off giving Vension a good go after it always being tough and chewy, but this…this was excellent. Gooey and glorious in the mouth. Tender oh my wobbly egg, it was tender!

I really expected this to fail, but it was excellent! I’m a bit confused now…but Vension is back on the radar!


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