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Slooooooow bbq beef ribs.

This cut of meat is going to go the way of pork belly and lamb shanks (expensive) get in there quick whilst it’s cheap. If you adore your meat gloriously moist, sticky and smooth you will adore the beef rib. If you enjoy dry meat, you’re in the wrong place. There is only way to go with the beef rib, very very long and slow. More intense fans may remember the vlog ages ago with the sous vide experiments. Can a single day cook in a low oven with a finish on the BBQ yield as tasty results? We start... View Article

#pig2k15 bbq suckling pig

This is a long one. What pleases me most is that I’m writing this on a laptop that is stuck to a wooden table with pig juice, I’m surrounded by empty box wine, beer bottles and metal instruments of torture. Welcome to #pig2k15 This one has been on the books for a while, but the moment never seemed right to fully kick into action, it’s a lot of work and we never really decided what the hell we were going to do, the original intention was to vac pac the pig and sit with it in a hot tub in... View Article

Smoked Lamb

You don’t really hear too much about smoked lamb. You normally associate the smoke format with fish, pork and maybe cheese, why not lamb or eggs (another day) or some other thing that I’m just far too tired to think about right now. (Still recovering from food overload at Lake Road Kitchen) Most of these adventures start with a trip to the reduced meat aisle at Morrisons, today it was a lamb shoulder for about £3, so you can’t really ignore that. The general plan is quickly sear on the bbq, and then smoke on a much lower heat on... View Article

Rum Chicken & Smoked Mash

Yes, still into cooking things with fire. I read/watched/heard/ate once(and then forgot about) smoked mash. For some reason it’s in my head as being all the rage. I think the major guys are using either smoked cheese to bring the smokiness or using once of those ace polyscience smoker guns. Now don’t get me wrong I’d bloody adore one of those smoking guns but it doesn’t seem to sit right with my new fire and pure roots inspired by the man the legend Francis Mallman (Click here for the starting point of all this fire nonsense) So I’m just putting... View Article

Trampy Burger

I am extremely hard work when it comes to burgers. There are trendy burgers as seen in our posting on Solita’s burgers And from our posting on Barry’s burger night you can see the idea of a burger is massively mentally wide. I have quite a particular taste, I’m not up for the high end burger. I’m either Mr.Shit carnival burger (shit burger, shit bun, fried onions, shit cheese slice and red sauce) or the USA style of trampy bbq burger. I can’t really describe what I mean, It needs that element of flame that you get from Burger king,... View Article

The Fish

Being the avid and devoted burning kitchen reader that you are, I’m sure you know about my recent love of fire (see initial spark here) I’ve only just realised this blog is called burning kitchen, huzzah how appropriate. I feel like Nigel Slater, or some format of ‘proper’ food blogger tonight. It’s been a mental long few days at work, and I’m sat here feeling quite good about myself for the first time in a bit. I have become that food dick I want to be. This is me now… The sun is shining…if I close my eyes I am... View Article

Burning things

So… cooking things. I am struggling with the summer. I kind of put all format of cooking bloggery aside whilst I became epic business man..which does seem to be working and things are fixing themselves…but part of me misses this world so much. Although the break does seem to be doing me some good, and re-aligning what I’d like my food or style or essence of either to be. …I think it may involve fire. I’ve been youtubing nordic areas a lot. Guys cooking over open fires, pits, burning hay, really olden day cave men type of shit…nothing refined, just... View Article


Have you heard who’s back? Our glorious friend the Mc Rib. I have such gorgeous fond memories of this sweet, sticky, porky savoury treat. It’s not for everybody, it’s very USA…Not very #Preston In all fairness, its not actually that excellent, its just such a novelty to be able to get sticky sweet BBQ during the day. I had a bash at doing my own. It’s easy peasy and gets you 93% of the way there. We’ll start with some kind of pork with some kind of fat, Ive gone for whatever this cut is Add to a blender Add... View Article

Malibu smoked chicken

This was very impromptu. There is something boring about a standard bbq, there needs to be a project item. Todays project item was an attempt at Malibu smoked chicken. I’m sure I read somewhere on the internet, (or decided it was truth) that sawdust was an excellent smoking medium. So here we are…sawdust. Morrisons £1 Add Malibu and a touch of water Make fire, when fire is ready move to one side Add delicious boozy sawdust to the other side… Place your mighty chicken ontop of the sawdust area, we are looking to smoke it, not bbq it… Lid on... View Article


I adore the american style of BBQ. Not a sausage or a burger in sight. It’s sunny, I’m going to pretend I have a green card. I am to BBQ. This blog posting is the night before, I’m going to prepare the meats and make some lovely custom sauces. The plan is slow pulled pork and slow ribs in the sous vide along with some smoked chicken, a custom BBQ sauce, a custom nandos style sauce and maybe some brioche and salad style things. I’m going to start by slowly baking some tomtatos and garlic in the oven to become... View Article


You may have gathered if you have read anything on this blog that I ADORE slow cooked meat. I’ve started using whole chunks of meat slowly cooked in place of mince in things like lasagne and Bolognese, and tonight is the turn of lamb and moussaka. Inspired by the glorious and wonderful post by the Greedy gourmet and a whole Sunday to spend on this, I thought I’d sprinkle in a few heston touches along the way and see what we end up with. As always we’ll fry our meat to get some tasty crispy bits going on, and building... View Article

Beer can chicken

What a bloody glorious day. I need the warmth, the feel of my skin crackling, the smell of coconut everywhere…the smell of BBQ…bbq…. Have you heard the legend of the beer can chicken? Ideally suited for those of you with big green eggs (I want one, but would never clean it, or lookafter it) The tale goes that you stuff a beer can into a chicken and then BBQ until cooked…the beer keeping the chicken moist. I dont have a BBQ, so we’ll have a go with a disposable. Seek chicken, add some nice things to it, Ive just gone... View Article