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Greek Flame Lytham

I’m a big fan of things that just feel right and happen for a reason. It’s all very cosmic balance. Greek Flame in Lytham was one of those. Lytham is a bit up market with loads of gorgeous table cloth style places. There are normally two wine glasses each on the table and a guy on a guitar after 9pm. Don’t get me wrong, I do adore that and adore being out of my comfort zone and depth. But just standing outside of this little house grabbed me. It was a sunny day, they were pumping greek music out into... View Article

Olden days – Beer, Stilton, ASDA

What an odd few days it has been. (Odd in an odd nice way, no additional story) (DIE ASDA FUCKING DIE) Thank you to all the lovely people helping me out this week with either transport, mind dumps, colour, good parking or just riffing at me. I’ve not been cooking much and I hate that. After getting in from a stressy day being bombarded from every single angle, people coming out of the woodwork, people turning up at the door and all kinds of other silly people (not you) attacking my soul, all I had the power to do was... View Article


I’m thinking watching the first two seasons of Hannibal in a single weekend has had some influence on my cooking choices recently. Today with have liver, heart and fatty belly… We’re making faggots! I adore faggots, the leader of course is our friend… Mixed with smash and crammed into a bowl…tasty times. But we’re going from scratch. This is such an amazingly affordable meal, the liver, heart and crappy pork belly cost me less than a coffee and Im only using half for this recipie. Full of irony goodness, here we go. Basically we just blend the whole lot up... View Article