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Maccy D Sausage & Egg Bagel

I adore breakfast in all formats. My favourite meal of the day on the days I have it. The best mobile breakfast format available on the way into work is either a bacon barm from the van or the maccy d sausage and egg bagel meal. Here he is… It’s Sunday morning, I’m hungry and happen to have bagels in, so thought I’d give this a go from scratch. First you’ll need some crappy sausages arranged in a bowl using NORTH/SOUTH alignment Remove from their skins, bash up, add tomato sauce and en epic amount of salt and pepper… Rearrange... View Article

American Style Loaded Hash Browns

The Americans know how to do breakfast. They also know how to make things loaded. I have fond happy time memories of sitting in an IHOP on international drive in Orlando. Pancakes. Bacon. Loaded Hash Browns. Shredded potato, some crispy, some gooey, loaded with cheese, sour cream, bits of ham and spring onions. I thought I’d take myself there this morning. Grate some potatoes We need to get rid of as much water out of these as we possibly can. Get yourself a tea towel, wrap up your potatoes inside and squeeze the hell out of it. Warm your pan,... View Article