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Sous vide corned beef

I’ve wanted to try this epic for a while. We dont really get corned beef over on these shores. We get the tinned variety, but here I am talking about the delicious slices of slow cooked brisket they do in the USA. The brisket is brined for about a week in lovely sugars, salts and spices and then either boiled or smoked. Of course I’d adore to try smoking the beast for a whole day, but don’t quite have the powers yet. Maybe in a few weeks time. So, I present part one of sous vide corned beef. If you... View Article

Sous Vide Brisket

Bored of sous vide postings? I don’t care. Its an expensive piece of gear, and I’m determined to learn this machine. It’s a whole new way of cooking, all of a sudden temperature and time matters…what temperatures does the fat turn into gelly goodness?…what temperature is pink steak? I thought it time to try some longer cooking in the beast. Beef brisket – one of my favourite cuts. I’m going for more of a traditional cook. The master of sous vide (Douglas Baldwin) Has two methods 64 degrees for 48 hours and 80 degrees C for 24 hours for a... View Article