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Trampy Burger

I am extremely hard work when it comes to burgers. There are trendy burgers as seen in our posting on Solita’s burgers And from our posting on Barry’s burger night you can see the idea of a burger is massively mentally wide. I have quite a particular taste, I’m not up for the high end burger. I’m either Mr.Shit carnival burger (shit burger, shit bun, fried onions, shit cheese slice and red sauce) or the USA style of trampy bbq burger. I can’t really describe what I mean, It needs that element of flame that you get from Burger king,... View Article

Barry’s Cheeseburgers

Join Barry on his quest to enjoy and find lovely cheese burgers. Further details on his blog over at http://ultimate-cheeseburger.com/

Heston Blumenthal’s Burger (quick)

I adore burgers. There is a time and place for every type. Crappy carnival style with fried onions and red sauce, every day maccy d big mac, stodgy tasty maccy d double cheese and my favourite the burger king whopper. There is also this other arena – the gourmet burger. In my experience they are mostly shit and dry. Hard bread, dry patty and crappy trendy rocket instead of iceburg. Our dear friend Heston apparently has come to the rescue with his ultimate burger. A glorious brioche bun, some kind of magic cheese and a very special patty with very... View Article