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Monte cristo

The day was going fine until the meeting. The meeting was about 4 hours. By the end of it I had no idea who I was or what the hell I do, or why I was doing it. I was so brain-washed I couldn’t leave the office, I had no idea how to get home and what I needed to take, or how I even get home. Luckily I wasn’t driving. Certain foods are reserved for times of need. The Monte Cristo is reserved for such occasions. The Monte Cristo is not an exciting food, it’s not a celebration food,... View Article

Chicken cordon bleu sous vide

I need molton cheese. Something from a pig and Some format of crispy chicken. I adore chicken kievs and chicken cordon bleu. What always worries me is getting the chicken perfectly cooked and the insides gooey. I’m hoping Mr Sous Vide Demi will help tonight. Here are some chicken breasts I REFUSE to buy chicken breasts. I REFUSE and stand by others who do and just tut. BUY THE WHOLE BLOODY CHICKEN FOR AN EXTRA £1 The BEST bit of the chicken are the legs and thigh. Glorious, gooey, tasty wonderful thigh and leg. My breasts are from a whole... View Article


Sometimes you just want cheese. This was a failed attempt to cram as much cheese into a meal as possible. I was aiming for a type of cheese spinach lasagne thing. Stage one, wilt the spinach in garlic (the addition of garlic relieves the cheese of all fats) Add tasty spinach to ricotta, more garlic, a bit of cream, more garlic, some parmesan and some left over cheddar from the back of the cupboard Layer between sheets of pasta – I actually make my own, its SO easy and tastes so nice and soaks up tasty goodness from your filling,... View Article