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Chicken Korma

I’m not that much of a manpower man. As much as I like to think I could take the spice, I’m more of a chicken tikka masala man. Or anything creamy and soft. My favourite was something Daddy and Mummy kitchen used to get from the Blackburn takeaway, it was a format of Korma with a banana in it alongside some nuts of some sort. This isn’t an excellent recipe or any format of thing you should follow. It’s a random attempt at a chicken korma. Put together on the fly using some of (any ignoring other) knowledge that has... View Article

Thai Fish Pumpkin Curry Thing

This is one of my favourite curries. It has never ever let me down. This isn’t a punchy spicy curry, this is winter curry. A curry for a cold winters night, a smooth, sweet, savoury cuddle of a curry. Its based on Nigella’s curry. Basically you need to pre roast your squash before creating a gloriously silky curry base with coconut milk. Add your salmon right at the end with the curry off the heat to keep everything held together. Serve not with rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a quick version of last years Heston’s Chicken Tikka Masala. It really is worth the effort of roasting the spices, sieving the sauce and separately cooking the chicken (bbq if you can).

Tika masala

Im aiming to attempt Heston’s Chicken Tika Masala, it started out well, I got all the ingredients from Asda, here is a tick next to one of them. 8 seconds into the recipe, I’ve decided to use heston’s curry more as a rough guide. I don’t have time to brine the chicken or prepare a pre-rub, I’m jumping straight in with the yoghurt marinade…Roasting two garlic chunks for the various bits needed throughout this epic. Here are our dried spices to go in the yoghurt marinade, we need to toast them for a little bit. If you are interested we... View Article