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Duck Bourguignon

I thought I was being rather off the wall in my thinking by doing duck bourguignon instead of the usual beef Turns out loads of people have done, but never mind, loads of people have done everything. Everybody has doing everything of something sometimes. So let us begin on our Duck Voyage As a side note I adore fiddling with ducks. You can do so much with them, just from this one duck Ive got about 5 different dishes out it if, duck bourguignon, distilled consommé, something with breasts, crispy skins and something else Im probably forgetting. Here is our... View Article

Sous Vide Grouse

Oddly and bang on both season and trend I found myself buying a grouse during the Glorious Twelfth Click it for a ready pops. I didn’t. I probably should. All is know is that I had a grouse. The general jive is roasting the chap whole and then doing the breast squeezing thing to work out if its done. I do not process such breast squeezing power so will get it all de boned, sous vide the breasts and make a stock out of the other bits. Boney bits in the pressure cooker to make us a stock, after which... View Article

Mash in Duck

There is something about doing the whole duck.Something greater than the sum of its parts. All roasted slowly together until you get a gooey, greasy slab of tasty animal. I went with something I read from Simon Hopkinson (link) He pops a load of mash potato in the cavety and then roasts the bird. The thought of mash soaking up greasy duck juice got me excited, so gave it a wurl. Served in the Michelin style with a pan of gravy and a bowl of excavated mash. To be honest, wasnt too keen on the mash, it took on quite... View Article

Small land animal

I’m not at that stage with the meat man to ask him what this animal was. Never the less, Im thinking attacking it like the pheasant is the way to go, cooking breast and leg separate, so lets get him all separated – which turned out to be a lot harder than the pheasant. I might treat myself to a sharp knive when Liz says I can. Before we get started, all the bones and the usual guys in the pressure cooker to get ourselves a nice stock So. I’m thinking for the legs a long slow poach in red... View Article

KaDeWe – Kartoffelkloesse & Duck

I go to Germany now and then. There is something glorious about it. I can’t understand what the hell is going on, but adore being part of the confusion. Everything is very regimented in a kind of un-regimented way…it’s odd. I may save the epic rant of German food for another day as it will be a very long rant and I had just had a notification that my keyboard battery is running low and dont think the AA’s could take it tonight. In summary. German Food. Glorious. One of my favourites, it can be glorious and light, or my... View Article