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Egg Adventure

Let me recount the tale of epic morning egg usage. I have never had much luck with hollandaise. It has to be made last minute, and needs a lot of attention when other last minute things also need attention. I have never actually made it correctly without some splitting, or it going stone cold, or tasting raw and runny. I was reading around the internet and found a recipe for one pot hollandaise, basically you just get your butter… And in a separate bowl you have your egg yolks and some reduced white wine vinegar   This is the odd... View Article

Sous Vide Duck Egg

I enjoy eggs. Possibly the main reason I bought a sous vide machine was the legend of the sous vide egg. An egg of fudge-like yellow and set whites. Many talk of 62 degrees C, but as this is a duck egg and my first time sous vide-ing an egg, I thought Id play it safe with an hour at 64. If you are interested in the science of egg cooking, do check out this site …Excellent egg content and temperature comparisons. We’re all set at 64.. In our lads go And now we have to wait an hour And... View Article