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Breakfast Bavette

So, remember our sous vide bavette from yesterday? I kept half the bavette in the water bath until the morning to see if the extra 12 hours actually did anything more tasty to the meat. This will also double up as some low carb breakfast thing…Maybe low carb is the way to go for diet? Well not diet, but food lifestyle? I need to find something (getting flabby face)… some are doing the fast two day thing..but that doesn’t seem to sit right with me. I think the way to go is less carb, more veg, less wine and we... View Article


I’m having a lovely weekend. A really lovely weekend. Markets, small animals, bacon, coffee and rambling away at you. The only thing missing is baking. I’m not a super mega fan of the cake and I’m not too hot on accuracy and following recipes, so don’t do much with baking. To keep my brain occupied from the weird, I decided to set a baking challenge, I briefly considered croissants until I saw a photo of somebody using both scales and a measuring tape so screw that. Brioche it is. The king of breads. The americans know what they are doing... View Article


Golly gum drops what a week. The highlight was talking about ham. The low point was really needing a wee on the M1. I’m almost back to cooking what I want to cook. I have no idea what that is. There are so many glorious inspiring people out there cooking wonderful things, the epic insearch of heston the wonderful greedy gourmet and all the less interesting people I see onth telly. On twitter are some excellent cooks, vegetable gods, egg legends, godesses of wine. I adore cooking and will return soon. I heard a story this week of an epic... View Article

Micro Quiches

Now I think about it, these aren’t as micro as I would want from a title such as ‘Micro Quiches’. Real micro quiches are an adventure for another day. I intended this to be a regular 360 degree regulation size quiche, but couldn’t find the proper pan, but did manage to find the yorkshire pudding pan. It’s been a bit of a funny old week. Generally I’d file the vast majority of 2014 in the shit cabinet. This last week was a good 9 of 10 of brain usage. But do you know what…so what? I actually consider myself lucky.... View Article

Boiled Egg Rant

I BLOODY ADORE EGGS. Overcooked, undercooked. Runny, Hard, gooey, slimey. Baked, Boiled, Fried. I don’t care. I adore the egg. There is no format of egg that I wouldn’t eat. Abandoned on some tropical island, glorious sunshine, abundant sea food, herbs growing anywhere…I wouldn’t give a shit without some format of animal that would provide me with an egg. This rant is devoted to the boiled egg…(this is tonights egg) I have such fond wonderful memories of the boiled egg. Let me share these and bore you with them. My first memory of the humble boiled egg is the seaside.... View Article

Sous vide scrambled eggs.

More sous vide. More eggs. I have never had any format of egg failure in the sous vide machine. Let’s hope this morning we continue our tasty sous vide adventures. There isn’t too much out there for guidance, I’m roughly following the guidance of the excellent nom nom paleo. Two eggs, touch of milk, salt and pepper whisked up and vac packed Into the sous vide at 73 degrees C for 10 minutes After 10 minutes, give it a bash around Back in for another 6 minutes and then empty onto a plate. And the verdict? I’m not sure. There... View Article

Egg Adventure

Let me recount the tale of epic morning egg usage. I have never had much luck with hollandaise. It has to be made last minute, and needs a lot of attention when other last minute things also need attention. I have never actually made it correctly without some splitting, or it going stone cold, or tasting raw and runny. I was reading around the internet and found a recipe for one pot hollandaise, basically you just get your butter… And in a separate bowl you have your egg yolks and some reduced white wine vinegar   This is the odd... View Article