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lamb Tagine

Possibly not the best time of day to start a gloriously slow, warm, spicy tagine at 6pm on a Friday evening, but it’s been a shit confusing day so what better than a glorious kitchen potter! Regular readers and welcome stalkers will know of my love of fatty crappy boney bits of meat. Why the hell would you want a piece of glorious expensive meat without any fat when you could have slow, oozing, delicious, melty gooey meat…if you don’t like melty oozy meat, I don’t like you. Me and the humble lamb shank go back way in time, WAY... View Article

Chicken cordon bleu sous vide

I need molton cheese. Something from a pig and Some format of crispy chicken. I adore chicken kievs and chicken cordon bleu. What always worries me is getting the chicken perfectly cooked and the insides gooey. I’m hoping Mr Sous Vide Demi will help tonight. Here are some chicken breasts I REFUSE to buy chicken breasts. I REFUSE and stand by others who do and just tut. BUY THE WHOLE BLOODY CHICKEN FOR AN EXTRA £1 The BEST bit of the chicken are the legs and thigh. Glorious, gooey, tasty wonderful thigh and leg. My breasts are from a whole... View Article

Heston Blumenthal’s Chips

Hot on the almost success of Heston’s mash I thought I’d have a bash at his chips. After the egg and bacon ice cream, these are probably his most famous recipe/legacy to the world. As you can imagine there are many many stages. Stage one for me was cleaning the deep fat frier. (If I’m putting this much effort into chips, I may as well have clean oil) You can’t imagine the build up of tasty crud at the bottom of the damn thing. Whilst angrily disassembling the damn thing I discovered it was dishwasher safe, so may in future... View Article

Duck Chimi changa

I’ve been left alone in the house this evening. This usually means there will loud prog rock, duck, and a deep fatfryer. I should do something glorious with the duck, but I need something tasty, dripping in oil and crispy…Duck Chimichangas it is. Seek Duck Cut off the fat and bash the duck bit about like that person who is giving you a real hard time.. Stick the fat in a pan LOW and render it down until all the tasty fat comes out of it Take out those glorious crispy bits of left over fat and throw some onions... View Article