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The Fish

Being the avid and devoted burning kitchen reader that you are, I’m sure you know about my recent love of fire (see initial spark here) I’ve only just realised this blog is called burning kitchen, huzzah how appropriate. I feel like Nigel Slater, or some format of ‘proper’ food blogger tonight. It’s been a mental long few days at work, and I’m sat here feeling quite good about myself for the first time in a bit. I have become that food dick I want to be. This is me now… The sun is shining…if I close my eyes I am... View Article

Thai Fish Pumpkin Curry Thing

This is one of my favourite curries. It has never ever let me down. This isn’t a punchy spicy curry, this is winter curry. A curry for a cold winters night, a smooth, sweet, savoury cuddle of a curry. Its based on Nigella’s curry. Basically you need to pre roast your squash before creating a gloriously silky curry base with coconut milk. Add your salmon right at the end with the curry off the heat to keep everything held together. Serve not with rice.

Heston’s Fish Pie (ish)

Drawing eternal inspiration from the mighty powerful and patient Phil, I decided to have a go at Heston’s Fish Pie. Obviously if you want to see this done right visit Phil’s blog. I was going for more of an ‘inspired by’ approach due to my low attention span and immediate hunger. Shall we begin? Right, first stage is curing the fish. I couldnt get kombu so am using sushi seaweed, ground up (badly) with salt, sugar and a bit of vermouth Yeh, not starting off too well, this should be quite a fine paste Cling film and fridge for a... View Article

Noma thing, but not in anyway

I’ve been watching too many videos on noma. Not heard of them? clicky here They do a 89 million course menu of ‘things’ They have the best restaurant in the galaxy and they do things a little different. Heston goes science-tastic, chemicals, gasses, all kinds of magic. There is something about the guy at Noma that excites me. Everything he serves seems to be really simple and connected to the land (as hippy tastic as that may sound). You’ll get a single spring onion. But it will be a GLORIOUS spring onion and taste wonderful. It seems more honest than... View Article