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Deep fried everything

Dear reader, shortly you will be taken on a dangerous journey to a magical world. A world of molton cheese, carbohydrates and big steaming vats of boiling oil. For this evening. We are deep frying. Everything. The basic idea is bring something. Batter it. Deep fry it. Eat it. Worry about it tomorrow. I adore these types of events. Everybody getting involved, everybody forced to cater for me whilst I watch Deep Fried Mc Donalds Double Cheese burger The most mighty item on the Mc Donalds menu is the double cheese. A piece of art. A burger that seems to... View Article

Injected Chips

There is a mythical frozen food from my childhood that only a select few seem to remember. It was a format of chip that had red sauce actually WITHIN the chip. I acquired a syringe from a girl with gin in her bag. Im thinking the potato needs to be quite large and cooked first before the internal structure would be soft enough to allow for injection. Im going to follow the general rules for heston chips. Here are our lads after a good few soaks to remove starch Into the sous vide at 80 degrees until soft Then left... View Article