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Ham shank in cider with split peas

I was lucky enough to find myself in a German beer hall. Glorious big long wooden tables, candles, beer, a hall…the real deal. I had something glorious, it was a whole ham shank cooked in cider (I think) served on a glorious mash from peas with a Kartoffelkloesse (see previous failed attempts at making these) Feeling hungry and rather masculine, I thought I’d give it a go. As always I’m starting this far too late at 6pm on a Saturday evening, this in the slow cooker would be GLORIOUS. But I am impatient and hungry. Look at our glorious ingredients…... View Article

Kohlrouladen & Heston Mash

It’s Sunday. I have a clean kitchen and a mental work week ahead of me tomorrow. Today I am in need of cooking something extremely comforting, and something extremely lengthy, something that takes hours of stirring, something that will fill the house with lovely smells and give plenty of time to listen to the radio. I’m going for Kohlrouladen. – Basically German stuffed cabbage. The regular recipe calls for just simply stuffing cabbage with mince and onions, sticking in the oven in some format of stock and done…will probably taste glorious, but not enough hands on action. My plan is... View Article