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Mash in Duck

There is something about doing the whole duck.Something greater than the sum of its parts. All roasted slowly together until you get a gooey, greasy slab of tasty animal. I went with something I read from Simon Hopkinson (link) He pops a load of mash potato in the cavety and then roasts the bird. The thought of mash soaking up greasy duck juice got me excited, so gave it a wurl. Served in the Michelin style with a pan of gravy and a bowl of excavated mash. To be honest, wasnt too keen on the mash, it took on quite... View Article

Sous Vide Oxtail

I’m a massive fan of the cheap cuts of meat. A lovely £10 rib eye steak is all very well, but for £1.20 you can get yourself two massive oxtail chunks with additional tasty bones. I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, so apologies for the lack of photography. I basically browned oxtail chunks in a pan, removed, added onions, carrots, celery, the usual lads. Deglazed with Newcastle brown ale and cooked right down to a think syrupy gloup. Normally I wouldn’t reduce down, I’d just add the oxtail and pop in a really low oven. As... View Article