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Minor Addiction

Growing food has turned into a minor addiction. This week I have spent splitting up all the shoots of everything into anything I can find that can contain soil. I’m not even labelling what’s going in the pots, everything has grown so rapidly there is no time to label…it will be a surprise. Today I brought a few of them outside to get some all round sunshine. Worrying isnt it. Must cook something complicated soon. There is a steak in the fridge. I adore steak, the problem is the process of cooking it doest actually take very long, and I... View Article

I have seed

Not quite sure why I havent given this a go before. I get excited by shopping for dirty veg, I can spend hours being that weird guy feeling up all the veg and sniffing the herbs. Let us summon the epic powers of Nigel Slater Homebase had an offer on, 8 packets of seeds for the price of less packets. I got these, I thought I’d start with what I’m thinking will be easy? Tarragon, basil, corriander, rocket, little mustard sprouts, radicchio, and chilli peppers. I have no idea how closely to put the seeds together, I went with 3... View Article