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Duck Bourguignon

I thought I was being rather off the wall in my thinking by doing duck bourguignon instead of the usual beef Turns out loads of people have done, but never mind, loads of people have done everything. Everybody has doing everything of something sometimes. So let us begin on our Duck Voyage As a side note I adore fiddling with ducks. You can do so much with them, just from this one duck Ive got about 5 different dishes out it if, duck bourguignon, distilled consommé, something with breasts, crispy skins and something else Im probably forgetting. Here is our... View Article

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a quick version of last years Heston’s Chicken Tikka Masala. It really is worth the effort of roasting the spices, sieving the sauce and separately cooking the chicken (bbq if you can).

Heston’s Fish Pie (ish)

Drawing eternal inspiration from the mighty powerful and patient Phil, I decided to have a go at Heston’s Fish Pie. Obviously if you want to see this done right visit Phil’s blog. I was going for more of an ‘inspired by’ approach due to my low attention span and immediate hunger. Shall we begin? Right, first stage is curing the fish. I couldnt get kombu so am using sushi seaweed, ground up (badly) with salt, sugar and a bit of vermouth Yeh, not starting off too well, this should be quite a fine paste Cling film and fridge for a... View Article

Injected Chips

There is a mythical frozen food from my childhood that only a select few seem to remember. It was a format of chip that had red sauce actually WITHIN the chip. I acquired a syringe from a girl with gin in her bag. Im thinking the potato needs to be quite large and cooked first before the internal structure would be soft enough to allow for injection. Im going to follow the general rules for heston chips. Here are our lads after a good few soaks to remove starch Into the sous vide at 80 degrees until soft Then left... View Article

Heston Blumenthal’s Burger (quick)

I adore burgers. There is a time and place for every type. Crappy carnival style with fried onions and red sauce, every day maccy d big mac, stodgy tasty maccy d double cheese and my favourite the burger king whopper. There is also this other arena – the gourmet burger. In my experience they are mostly shit and dry. Hard bread, dry patty and crappy trendy rocket instead of iceburg. Our dear friend Heston apparently has come to the rescue with his ultimate burger. A glorious brioche bun, some kind of magic cheese and a very special patty with very... View Article

A celebration of yeast.

Because yeast should be celebrated. I was making bread yesterday, got half way through and got distracted. So plopped the dough in the fridge. I was reading the excellent in search of heston who made the perfect burger with a dough that had a night in the fridge to develop flavour, before adding to more yeast and flour. May have made that story up, its been a long day and have started the wine. Tonights wine is BLOODY AWFUL. Add dried yeast to warm water. Whilst we await bubbles, take the manky fridge dough out and let warm up Our... View Article

Sous vide beef rib roast (again)

I cant get this one. I’ve tried sous vide before for about 4 hours, I’ve tried slowly in the oven and I’ve never reached beefy excellence. I’m determined to get this right. I’m going with a heston-ish approach with a pre sear and a 24 hour sous vide at 52 degrees C which whilst technically food illegal, causes some aging enzymes to kick in. Im hoping the long slow cook will get me something pink, juicy and not a tiny bit of chewiness Our Expensive rib roast – just one rib, deboned. Note how I am now using the red... View Article

Heston’s Roast Chicken

Many tell the tale of Heston’s Roast Chicken. A chicken needing two good days of fiddling. Results do seem to vary. The epic In search of heston found the very first version of this chicken a tad disappointing. A recent retry with a syringe offered better results Crystal over at cooked for you blog also saw some good results. Lets give it a go. Stage one. Make the brine. You need a 6% brine, with 60g of salt to a litre of water. I neither have scales or a liquid measuring device. So filled a wine bottle three times, which... View Article

Heston Blumenthal’s Chips

Hot on the almost success of Heston’s mash I thought I’d have a bash at his chips. After the egg and bacon ice cream, these are probably his most famous recipe/legacy to the world. As you can imagine there are many many stages. Stage one for me was cleaning the deep fat frier. (If I’m putting this much effort into chips, I may as well have clean oil) You can’t imagine the build up of tasty crud at the bottom of the damn thing. Whilst angrily disassembling the damn thing I discovered it was dishwasher safe, so may in future... View Article

Hestons Mash

I have been wanting to try this for some time. Heston Blumenthal’s ultimate mash. Apparently is it absolutely wonderful. Not something to whip out quickly, there are several stages. Lets get started. First we peel our potatoes and plunge into water, and change often to try and remove any starch that is hanging around. With the peelings we put them to one side. Bring some milk to the boil, add the peelings, cover and leave for half an hour to infuse We now vac pac our potatoes… We now need to ‘set’ the potatoes at exactly 72 degrees for 30... View Article

Kohlrouladen & Heston Mash

It’s Sunday. I have a clean kitchen and a mental work week ahead of me tomorrow. Today I am in need of cooking something extremely comforting, and something extremely lengthy, something that takes hours of stirring, something that will fill the house with lovely smells and give plenty of time to listen to the radio. I’m going for Kohlrouladen. – Basically German stuffed cabbage. The regular recipe calls for just simply stuffing cabbage with mince and onions, sticking in the oven in some format of stock and done…will probably taste glorious, but not enough hands on action. My plan is... View Article