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Moroccan? Lamb

I don’t cook with fruit or nuts, and I know it’s all the rage. Nigel Slater is out there right now cooking pears with nuts and stuffing chickens with apricots, dates and anything he can find on your allotment. Being a completely trendy gentlemen, I thought it time to get in on the action. Trendy Adam would have nipped up the road to the market, but I am in no mood for social interaction and need the clubcard points. Self scan tesco time resulted in a chunk of lamb, apricots, dates, almonds, another nut and a tin to put them... View Article

Smoked Lamb

You don’t really hear too much about smoked lamb. You normally associate the smoke format with fish, pork and maybe cheese, why not lamb or eggs (another day) or some other thing that I’m just far too tired to think about right now. (Still recovering from food overload at Lake Road Kitchen) Most of these adventures start with a trip to the reduced meat aisle at Morrisons, today it was a lamb shoulder for about £3, so you can’t really ignore that. The general plan is quickly sear on the bbq, and then smoke on a much lower heat on... View Article

Lamb Play

Why the hell do I feel this desire to plate up delicate food? If you have met me, or talked to me in any format, you’d know that any essence of neatness or perfection is FAR FAR from my world. Yet I feel the urge. So with the power of a box of wine I present a series of lamb experiments. This is a weird one. I had a LOAD of left over lamb on the bone parts from the Asian supermarket. Rather than see it go off, I stewed it in the slow cooker overnight in a bottle of... View Article

Sous Vide rack of lamb, chorizo oil, salse verde, left over potatos

I’m aware the titles are becoming more and more pretentious. This issue is known and will be dealt with. I was in Morrisons two days after Christmas and followed the staff member going to every bit of meat and slashing the price as Morrisons assumed nobody could be bothered cooking any more. Lucky me. Rack of lamb £4, that Silverside from the other adventure £5. I think I got something porky as well and stashed in the freezer. I looked like a hippy, hobo atkins legend at scan and pack. (S&P) I had to fight EXTREMELY HARD not just to... View Article

lamb Tagine

Possibly not the best time of day to start a gloriously slow, warm, spicy tagine at 6pm on a Friday evening, but it’s been a shit confusing day so what better than a glorious kitchen potter! Regular readers and welcome stalkers will know of my love of fatty crappy boney bits of meat. Why the hell would you want a piece of glorious expensive meat without any fat when you could have slow, oozing, delicious, melty gooey meat…if you don’t like melty oozy meat, I don’t like you. Me and the humble lamb shank go back way in time, WAY... View Article


You may have gathered if you have read anything on this blog that I ADORE slow cooked meat. I’ve started using whole chunks of meat slowly cooked in place of mince in things like lasagne and Bolognese, and tonight is the turn of lamb and moussaka. Inspired by the glorious and wonderful post by the Greedy gourmet and a whole Sunday to spend on this, I thought I’d sprinkle in a few heston touches along the way and see what we end up with. As always we’ll fry our meat to get some tasty crispy bits going on, and building... View Article

Garlic and Lamb Spanish thing

La Tasca used to do a wonderful lamb stew thing. It had loads of garlic in, glorious fall apart lamb, whole peppercorns, chunks of potatoes, garlic and I think it was cooked in white wine. Last time I went they had really dummed down the menu and got rid of a lot of my favourites. They may have reintroduced this glory, I’ve just checked. They havent. It wasn’t a gloopy thick stew, it was quite thin, you needed lots of bread to soak up all the gloriously garlic infused oil. I’ve been to asda for some lamb. I always look... View Article

Slow Greek Lamb

The sun isn’t shining. I’m going to pretend it is and make some lovely Greek/Turkish mezze, platter,’things’. No doubt there will be far too much food, but it keeps me quiet and will live in the fridge afterwards. We’re starting at 9am with a leg of lamb. He’s going to be stuffed with garlic, rosemary and far too much salt and pepper. The oven is set to about 110c. The only way of cooking lamb is very. very. very slowly. Slow in a stew, slow in the slow cooker, and my current favourite, ultimate long slow oven action. This will... View Article