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Rum Chicken & Smoked Mash

Yes, still into cooking things with fire. I read/watched/heard/ate once(and then forgot about) smoked mash. For some reason it’s in my head as being all the rage. I think the major guys are using either smoked cheese to bring the smokiness or using once of those ace polyscience smoker guns. Now don’t get me wrong I’d bloody adore one of those smoking guns but it doesn’t seem to sit right with my new fire and pure roots inspired by the man the legend Francis Mallman (Click here for the starting point of all this fire nonsense) So I’m just putting... View Article

Mash in Duck

There is something about doing the whole duck.Something greater than the sum of its parts. All roasted slowly together until you get a gooey, greasy slab of tasty animal. I went with something I read from Simon Hopkinson (link) He pops a load of mash potato in the cavety and then roasts the bird. The thought of mash soaking up greasy duck juice got me excited, so gave it a wurl. Served in the Michelin style with a pan of gravy and a bowl of excavated mash. To be honest, wasnt too keen on the mash, it took on quite... View Article

Hestons Mash

I have been wanting to try this for some time. Heston Blumenthal’s ultimate mash. Apparently is it absolutely wonderful. Not something to whip out quickly, there are several stages. Lets get started. First we peel our potatoes and plunge into water, and change often to try and remove any starch that is hanging around. With the peelings we put them to one side. Bring some milk to the boil, add the peelings, cover and leave for half an hour to infuse We now vac pac our potatoes… We now need to ‘set’ the potatoes at exactly 72 degrees for 30... View Article

Kohlrouladen & Heston Mash

It’s Sunday. I have a clean kitchen and a mental work week ahead of me tomorrow. Today I am in need of cooking something extremely comforting, and something extremely lengthy, something that takes hours of stirring, something that will fill the house with lovely smells and give plenty of time to listen to the radio. I’m going for Kohlrouladen. – Basically German stuffed cabbage. The regular recipe calls for just simply stuffing cabbage with mince and onions, sticking in the oven in some format of stock and done…will probably taste glorious, but not enough hands on action. My plan is... View Article