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Roast Rib of Beef

It’s a while since I’ve roasted meat. Since I got the sous vide machine way back in the day, I’ve been a bit scared of meat that wasn’t perfectly pink all the way through. It’s quite late in the day and I don’t have time to get the sous vide up to temp, vac pac and bathe this glorious piece of rolled rib eye. I’ve never really bought more expensive meat, but the pig adventure has made me think a little bit more about meat, have better meat and less often and all that jaz. There I stood (looking gorgeous... View Article

Sous vide beef rib roast (again)

I cant get this one. I’ve tried sous vide before for about 4 hours, I’ve tried slowly in the oven and I’ve never reached beefy excellence. I’m determined to get this right. I’m going with a heston-ish approach with a pre sear and a 24 hour sous vide at 52 degrees C which whilst technically food illegal, causes some aging enzymes to kick in. Im hoping the long slow cook will get me something pink, juicy and not a tiny bit of chewiness Our Expensive rib roast – just one rib, deboned. Note how I am now using the red... View Article

Duck Chimi changa

I’ve been left alone in the house this evening. This usually means there will loud prog rock, duck, and a deep fatfryer. I should do something glorious with the duck, but I need something tasty, dripping in oil and crispy…Duck Chimichangas it is. Seek Duck Cut off the fat and bash the duck bit about like that person who is giving you a real hard time.. Stick the fat in a pan LOW and render it down until all the tasty fat comes out of it Take out those glorious crispy bits of left over fat and throw some onions... View Article