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Trampy Burger

I am extremely hard work when it comes to burgers. There are trendy burgers as seen in our posting on Solita’s burgers And from our posting on Barry’s burger night you can see the idea of a burger is massively mentally wide. I have quite a particular taste, I’m not up for the high end burger. I’m either Mr.Shit carnival burger (shit burger, shit bun, fried onions, shit cheese slice and red sauce) or the USA style of trampy bbq burger. I can’t really describe what I mean, It needs that element of flame that you get from Burger king,... View Article

Barry’s Cheeseburgers

Join Barry on his quest to enjoy and find lovely cheese burgers. Further details on his blog over at http://ultimate-cheeseburger.com/

Kohlrouladen & Heston Mash

It’s Sunday. I have a clean kitchen and a mental work week ahead of me tomorrow. Today I am in need of cooking something extremely comforting, and something extremely lengthy, something that takes hours of stirring, something that will fill the house with lovely smells and give plenty of time to listen to the radio. I’m going for Kohlrouladen. – Basically German stuffed cabbage. The regular recipe calls for just simply stuffing cabbage with mince and onions, sticking in the oven in some format of stock and done…will probably taste glorious, but not enough hands on action. My plan is... View Article


There is always mince in the fridge. If the world ended I could make a single packet of mince feed 400 people for 400 days, like Jesus did with the wine and fishes, but more mince based. Tonight Im doing mince thing with dumplings. Its basically mince, with everything left in the fridge, loads of veg…with dumplings…the more dumplings the better. We start with cheap mince. My good close personal friend Mr Blumenthal (he never calls) told me to almost burn my mince before cooking to get that melliard reaction going…it does makes a difference…split your mince into two pans... View Article


Never really looked into this one, but thought I’d keep it in mind for the next few days. UMAMI. This is one of Hestons friends although first pioneered by Escoffier who discovered this new flavour sensation using veal, and then later pinned down as being science by some fantastic Japanese chap. Umami is a format of taste, along the lines of sweet, savoury, sour and all those lads. It a type of rich meaty tastiness, an undefined gloriousness of taste. It’s found in a few things, bacon, star anise, and the bottle I have to hand….fish sauce. I’m giving it... View Article