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I’ve gone odd again. I’m working like captain Christmas so that may be something to do with it, but my urge to cook has dipped a bit again. Maybe I am seasonal. Don’t get me wrong, still obsessed with eating, food, tasting, and everything that goes along with it, but the urge to push any boundaries seems to be on the back burner. Most of my cooking at the moment is based around things I know work well, tonight for instance is sous vide chicken thighs 70 degrees for an hour in nandos sauce, then blow torched, served with 1/2... View Article

Deep Fried Turkey

Being the avid burning kitchen reader that you are, I’m sure you’ll be aware I’ve been having a bit of crappy time recently, constantly battling with one thing or a bloody another. Lots of tiny violins please. What makes me happy and feel really lucky in this chunk of universe is knowing that I can walk upto some chaps/chapesses and say “I’ve had an idea, do you fancy doing something dangerous?” And in less than 8 seconds we’re off to Macro to buy all the gear to make the dream a reality. It’s Christmas. I’m not a fan of it... View Article