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A celebration of yeast.

Because yeast should be celebrated. I was making bread yesterday, got half way through and got distracted. So plopped the dough in the fridge. I was reading the excellent in search of heston who made the perfect burger with a dough that had a night in the fridge to develop flavour, before adding to more yeast and flour. May have made that story up, its been a long day and have started the wine. Tonights wine is BLOODY AWFUL. Add dried yeast to warm water. Whilst we await bubbles, take the manky fridge dough out and let warm up Our... View Article

Pizza Again

I FINALLY DID IT. I have been trying for many a year in search of perfect pizza. Turns out I needed to give less of a shit. Don’t get me wrong, I hate everything I do. But this lunchtimes Pizza was perfect. Something about the dough caused pizza perfection. See previous pizza postingsĀ and this oneĀ  Look at this monster IGNORE the topping, this is not what concerns us in this posting. The base. The base was perfect. Crisp, thin, yet with bounce. The method is the reverse method. Dried yeast, added to flour, warm water, sugar and some rosemary…left to... View Article

Pizza Update

A quick and brief pizza update. I thought I’d try a new pizza dough method just for the purposes of cool fun. Nothing majorly different, the dough starts out with a pool of warm water, a load of dried yeast thrown in with some sugar and flour, this is left for a good hour before adding the rest of the flour and more warm water before the usual proving process. Crispy, glorious and excellent. Will be trying this method out more and documenting further.


I’ve been making pizza and websites since I was 13. I’ve used every method, every type of cheese, every type of heat…in search of the perfect pizza, and I’ve still not got it bob on. Everybody has a favourite type of pizza, stodgy thick tasty Dominos, crispy super tasty Pizza Express, and canteen style pizza with chips and gravy. I adore them all. Tonight I’m going for something Pizza Expressish, something thin and crispy. Here is what we are starting with… I’ve bobbed some dried yeast in a cup of warm water…no idea how much. I also have treated myself... View Article