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Almost a spring roll

We are #so approaching the end of series three of the burning kitchen that I’m struggling to type, but I want to, there are things to say, but don’t have the power right now. Something about food and story is forming in my brain, it’s not fancy. It’s just food as a format of human bonding, living…a big table, that type of jive. Honesty. Real food…something, it will be back soon…possibly with my preserved lemons. This IS NOT the same story as heston’s fat duck reinventing as story, well, actually maybe it is…? Oh my gosh, it might be. Mine... View Article


Have you heard who’s back? Our glorious friend the Mc Rib. I have such gorgeous fond memories of this sweet, sticky, porky savoury treat. It’s not for everybody, it’s very USA…Not very #Preston In all fairness, its not actually that excellent, its just such a novelty to be able to get sticky sweet BBQ during the day. I had a bash at doing my own. It’s easy peasy and gets you 93% of the way there. We’ll start with some kind of pork with some kind of fat, Ive gone for whatever this cut is Add to a blender Add... View Article


Golly gum drops what a week. The highlight was talking about ham. The low point was really needing a wee on the M1. I’m almost back to cooking what I want to cook. I have no idea what that is. There are so many glorious inspiring people out there cooking wonderful things, the epic insearch of heston the wonderful greedy gourmet and all the less interesting people I see onth telly. On twitter are some excellent cooks, vegetable gods, egg legends, godesses of wine. I adore cooking and will return soon. I heard a story this week of an epic... View Article

Pulled Pork Sliders

I can’t think of many meals that are more satisfying and all round delicious as the mighty pulled pork slider. No doubt terrible…horrible for your health and insides…but oh my gosh, worth the extra hour taken off my life. It started with a piece of pork I found in Morrisons for 80p, It was full of fat and looked terrible – for me this is the perfect cut of meat, and ideal for sous vide. After a good 24 hours at about 70 degrees C, we end up with this horrible looking thing. Looks deceive you. This glorious moist meat... View Article