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Season 1 Highlights

I do hope you read the season 1 end post ? Of course you did. SO enough of sad. Let us look back on season one of the burning kitchen and all the adventures. In no specific order. SUMMER Summer was a glorious strange time of confusion and random. It featured various levels of epic BBQing, booze and the crystal maze. The highlight I think being the community coleslaw and the epic sous vide pulled pork Look at this trendy man making coleslaw: Look at all that fruit juice Mr sous vide really worked so well on that tasty pork... View Article

Micro Quiches

Now I think about it, these aren’t as micro as I would want from a title such as ‘Micro Quiches’. Real micro quiches are an adventure for another day. I intended this to be a regular 360 degree regulation size quiche, but couldn’t find the proper pan, but did manage to find the yorkshire pudding pan. It’s been a bit of a funny old week. Generally I’d file the vast majority of 2014 in the shit cabinet. This last week was a good 9 of 10 of brain usage. But do you know what…so what? I actually consider myself lucky.... View Article

Coq au vin Ramble Moment

I’m sorry, this is not a recipe, there isnt even any sous vide. I’ve let you down, Im sorry. This picture of my current pan contents started it, its so colourful, and I’m having so much fun making it. Food for me is not all success and happy. It is not perfect plates, it’s not foams and quenelles. I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s a big table full of people eating and making a mess with not enough plates and cultery. My happiest moments, the ones that lodge in my mind are those big table moments. My... View Article