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Carpet Picnic

No epic food adventure today. In fact there has been no epic food adventures this week. There are epic silly plans for tomorrow which you will no doubt be bombarded with soon live on twitter and then later here on your favourite shit cooking blog. This is a rant, and I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with it. Sometimes it’s time to cook epically beautiful and wonderful crafted sous vide food, sometimes its time to have a good old project cook and do something dangerous…sometimes it’s time just cut open a chicken, pile on nandos sauce and wack in... View Article

End of season one

Well it’s a bit of a sad day at kitchen hq. Everything I own is in a box. Thanks to a small army the kitchen has been restored to it’s original format. It’s time move to a new kitchen…it’s a really odd feeling, it’s sad, but thought I’d think of the nice. I’ll talk of the new kitchen when I am inside of it, but for now I thought I’d waffle on a bit about season one of the burning kitchen and all the adventures it has seen. At first It wasn’t quite right. I really could not get the... View Article

Frozen Food

I hate when I don’t cook. I adore cooking, and rambling here about cooking. Recently times have been hard bloody work. I’m trying to protect my soul or inner core or whatever crap I mean. More emotions seem to be flying around, but today has been a shit day. Not actually a normal level shit day, but a heart shit day. I refuse to believe that I should stop caring or remove myself from the situation, but I don’t want to, I want to be effected by things I hear and see or think…and I’m not sure why? Are they... View Article