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Please don’t expect a recipe. Although if you’re reading through anything here I imagine you’d be shocked to read a recipe anyway. Leading on from this mornings rant about finally settling into the kitchen, we’re having a pheasant play. I’ve never really cooked much with game (is phesant game?) I had a wander into town and bought two small animals, one a pheasant, the other a format of duck or grouse? It had no label and didnt want to ask (the one on the left is the mystery item) So here we have our beast After a quick read around... View Article

KaDeWe – Kartoffelkloesse & Duck

I go to Germany now and then. There is something glorious about it. I can’t understand what the hell is going on, but adore being part of the confusion. Everything is very regimented in a kind of un-regimented way…it’s odd. I may save the epic rant of German food for another day as it will be a very long rant and I had just had a notification that my keyboard battery is running low and dont think the AA’s could take it tonight. In summary. German Food. Glorious. One of my favourites, it can be glorious and light, or my... View Article