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Sous Vide Bavette Steak

I adore the lesser known cuts of meat. I’m not a fan of serloin or tenderloin, they may be tender out of the box, but they are devoid of flavour, nothing to match a mighty rib eye, full of delicious melting fat. Mr Bavette Steak Bavette steak is a weird one. Another tricky one to get hold of. You either cook it MIGHTY fast or for bloody ages in something like a stew until it goes fall apart tender. After the success of the beef short ribs, I thought I’d do something similar with this cut. Behold the results below!... View Article

Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs are my favourite cut of beef, absolutely GLORIOUS. They can be hard to get hold of, but sooooo worth it! Im aiming to get a pink texture, so cooking quite low on 54 degrees, one rib for three days, the other for four days. Rejoice in the video below for the full joy.

Sous Vide Vension Haunch

So, back to cooking, back to sous vide. I sold the sous vide supreme back in my big purge (video here). I still stand by that purge, it was a glorious freshen up, enabling you to just start your life again, less things, and the things you do have you ADORE and use every day. One of those things I couldnt live without is sous vide, so here we are again, this time with the anova – which is ace! Lets sous vide our venison There would normally be a video, but Im not terribly comfy here, so you are... View Article

Slooooooow bbq beef ribs.

This cut of meat is going to go the way of pork belly and lamb shanks (expensive) get in there quick whilst it’s cheap. If you adore your meat gloriously moist, sticky and smooth you will adore the beef rib. If you enjoy dry meat, you’re in the wrong place. There is only way to go with the beef rib, very very long and slow. More intense fans may remember the vlog ages ago with the sous vide experiments. Can a single day cook in a low oven with a finish on the BBQ yield as tasty results? We start... View Article

Sous Vide Grouse

Oddly and bang on both season and trend I found myself buying a grouse during the Glorious Twelfth Click it for a ready pops. I didn’t. I probably should. All is know is that I had a grouse. The general jive is roasting the chap whole and then doing the breast squeezing thing to work out if its done. I do not process such breast squeezing power so will get it all de boned, sous vide the breasts and make a stock out of the other bits. Boney bits in the pressure cooker to make us a stock, after which... View Article

Rum Chicken & Smoked Mash

Yes, still into cooking things with fire. I read/watched/heard/ate once(and then forgot about) smoked mash. For some reason it’s in my head as being all the rage. I think the major guys are using either smoked cheese to bring the smokiness or using once of those ace polyscience smoker guns. Now don’t get me wrong I’d bloody adore one of those smoking guns but it doesn’t seem to sit right with my new fire and pure roots inspired by the man the legend Francis Mallman (Click here for the starting point of all this fire nonsense) So I’m just putting... View Article

Lamb Play

Why the hell do I feel this desire to plate up delicate food? If you have met me, or talked to me in any format, you’d know that any essence of neatness or perfection is FAR FAR from my world. Yet I feel the urge. So with the power of a box of wine I present a series of lamb experiments. This is a weird one. I had a LOAD of left over lamb on the bone parts from the Asian supermarket. Rather than see it go off, I stewed it in the slow cooker overnight in a bottle of... View Article

Chicken Galantine

Every now and then it is time to try something a bit pretentious that will no doubt fail. I’m having another attempt at a chicken galantine, basically stuffing a smashed chicken breast with a mousse of itself, sous vided and then quickly fried in butter. The last time I tried this, the chicken mousse came out very grainy and bitter, we’ll have a bash at sorting that out tonight. We’ll start work on the mousse that we will use to stuff the chicken breast, we’ll sweat off some leek with garlic, thyme, rosemary and bayleaf After a good sweat we’ll... View Article

Breakfast Bavette

So, remember our sous vide bavette from yesterday? I kept half the bavette in the water bath until the morning to see if the extra 12 hours actually did anything more tasty to the meat. This will also double up as some low carb breakfast thing…Maybe low carb is the way to go for diet? Well not diet, but food lifestyle? I need to find something (getting flabby face)… some are doing the fast two day thing..but that doesn’t seem to sit right with me. I think the way to go is less carb, more veg, less wine and we... View Article

Sous Vide Bavette, Bone Marrow, Jerusalem Artichoke

I know we aren’t getting that much better with the pretentious titles. I’m on some form of path to try new things. Is the excellent food at the fat duck and l’enclume really excellent? Can it beat a tasty bacon butty? I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone Not that this blog post is anything excellent, to be honest it’s a sludgy mess…BUT…. There are moments and lessons learnt of excellent, surprising taste avenues and new vegetables found. You’d be completely bored if I was posting excellence daily, its about the journey and the lessons learnt…Read on…... View Article

Sous Vide rack of lamb, chorizo oil, salse verde, left over potatos

I’m aware the titles are becoming more and more pretentious. This issue is known and will be dealt with. I was in Morrisons two days after Christmas and followed the staff member going to every bit of meat and slashing the price as Morrisons assumed nobody could be bothered cooking any more. Lucky me. Rack of lamb £4, that Silverside from the other adventure £5. I think I got something porky as well and stashed in the freezer. I looked like a hippy, hobo atkins legend at scan and pack. (S&P) I had to fight EXTREMELY HARD not just to... View Article

African Spice Rubbed Sous Vide Silverside & Fufu

It’s a while since I have sous vide’d /veedafied / veed/ anything, I had never tried a whole chunk of cheapish beef. Rather than go for the usual Sunday roast or simple beef I thought I’d Africa it up a bit. (I’ll spare you my obsession with African cuisine for another day) I know many talk of spices not working too well cooked at really low temperatures for a long time, and dont fully release their flavours, so I’m cooking them first. I’ve a mix of lovely warm spices, cinnamon, cumin, coriander seeds, star anise, cloves.. Then rubbed into our... View Article

Small land animal

I’m not at that stage with the meat man to ask him what this animal was. Never the less, Im thinking attacking it like the pheasant is the way to go, cooking breast and leg separate, so lets get him all separated – which turned out to be a lot harder than the pheasant. I might treat myself to a sharp knive when Liz says I can. Before we get started, all the bones and the usual guys in the pressure cooker to get ourselves a nice stock So. I’m thinking for the legs a long slow poach in red... View Article


Please don’t expect a recipe. Although if you’re reading through anything here I imagine you’d be shocked to read a recipe anyway. Leading on from this mornings rant about finally settling into the kitchen, we’re having a pheasant play. I’ve never really cooked much with game (is phesant game?) I had a wander into town and bought two small animals, one a pheasant, the other a format of duck or grouse? It had no label and didnt want to ask (the one on the left is the mystery item) So here we have our beast After a quick read around... View Article

Season 1 Highlights

I do hope you read the season 1 end post ? Of course you did. SO enough of sad. Let us look back on season one of the burning kitchen and all the adventures. In no specific order. SUMMER Summer was a glorious strange time of confusion and random. It featured various levels of epic BBQing, booze and the crystal maze. The highlight I think being the community coleslaw and the epic sous vide pulled pork Look at this trendy man making coleslaw: Look at all that fruit juice Mr sous vide really worked so well on that tasty pork... View Article

Sous vide onions & the social sausage rolls

I had been meaning to try the legend of the 24 hour sous vide jar onions. I had no reason to use the onions, but rather than bin them, thought I’d give it a wurl. Basic idea is you chop onions and stick them in a jar.. Pop a lid on lightly and bob in the sous vide at 90c for about a day. Apparently we jar them because if we stick them in a bag, onion gas will cause the bag to pop releasing onion goodness into the water instead of our bellys. It’s been a day and we... View Article

Sous Vide Oxtail

I’m a massive fan of the cheap cuts of meat. A lovely £10 rib eye steak is all very well, but for £1.20 you can get yourself two massive oxtail chunks with additional tasty bones. I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, so apologies for the lack of photography. I basically browned oxtail chunks in a pan, removed, added onions, carrots, celery, the usual lads. Deglazed with Newcastle brown ale and cooked right down to a think syrupy gloup. Normally I wouldn’t reduce down, I’d just add the oxtail and pop in a really low oven. As... View Article

48 Hour Sous Vide Stew – Crap

We’re back in action with the sous vide machine YAY. I’ve not yet attempted a stew within the beast, so here we go. I’m aiming for a beef in stout type of thing, but the glory with this method is that I can decide later. I’m loosely basing this epic on the post over on modernist cooking at home. Let us begin. Crappy beef, sucked in a bag, into the sous vide we go for 48 hours at 140 degrees f for 48 hours. Back in a long time! Okay okay update. Not good. This may be classed as good,... View Article


I adore the american style of BBQ. Not a sausage or a burger in sight. It’s sunny, I’m going to pretend I have a green card. I am to BBQ. This blog posting is the night before, I’m going to prepare the meats and make some lovely custom sauces. The plan is slow pulled pork and slow ribs in the sous vide along with some smoked chicken, a custom BBQ sauce, a custom nandos style sauce and maybe some brioche and salad style things. I’m going to start by slowly baking some tomtatos and garlic in the oven to become... View Article

Sous vide mutton steamed pudding.

I didn’t intend to buy mutton, but I saw it there in asda in the reduced aisle. All lonely and reduced. I’ve never really cooked with mutton, from what I know it sounds right up my alley though. Fatty and boney, full of flavour and best cooked slowly. Lets make a sous vide mutton steamed pudding! I’m thinking this will be epically rich and tasty, so am going to add mint right at the end before popping in the moulds. So here, we are, fry our mutton. Until you dont dare any more, then vac pac and sous vide for... View Article