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Sous Vide Bavette Steak

I adore the lesser known cuts of meat. I’m not a fan of serloin or tenderloin, they may be tender out of the box, but they are devoid of flavour, nothing to match a mighty rib eye, full of delicious melting fat. Mr Bavette Steak Bavette steak is a weird one. Another tricky one to get hold of. You either cook it MIGHTY fast or for bloody ages in something like a stew until it goes fall apart tender. After the success of the beef short ribs, I thought I’d do something similar with this cut. Behold the results below!... View Article

Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs are my favourite cut of beef, absolutely GLORIOUS. They can be hard to get hold of, but sooooo worth it! Im aiming to get a pink texture, so cooking quite low on 54 degrees, one rib for three days, the other for four days. Rejoice in the video below for the full joy.

Lake Road Kitchen Ambleside

It’s a bit late in the evening and my tummy is full of tired and gin, but I need to get this one out before I forget anything. As a side nugget of fascinating information – I thought I’d join all the other guys and have a bash at reviewing places alongside my other shit cooking experiments. Based on my budget for eating out I wouldn’t go expecting weekly epic reviews of excellence. The review after this one is for a £1.49 microwave lamb dinner. TO THE REVIEW… Lake Road Kitchen in Ambleside I’ve never been anywhere on this scale... View Article

Breakfast Bavette

So, remember our sous vide bavette from yesterday? I kept half the bavette in the water bath until the morning to see if the extra 12 hours actually did anything more tasty to the meat. This will also double up as some low carb breakfast thing…Maybe low carb is the way to go for diet? Well not diet, but food lifestyle? I need to find something (getting flabby face)… some are doing the fast two day thing..but that doesn’t seem to sit right with me. I think the way to go is less carb, more veg, less wine and we... View Article

Minor Addiction

Growing food has turned into a minor addiction. This week I have spent splitting up all the shoots of everything into anything I can find that can contain soil. I’m not even labelling what’s going in the pots, everything has grown so rapidly there is no time to label…it will be a surprise. Today I brought a few of them outside to get some all round sunshine. Worrying isnt it. Must cook something complicated soon. There is a steak in the fridge. I adore steak, the problem is the process of cooking it doest actually take very long, and I... View Article

Sous vide beef rib roast (again)

I cant get this one. I’ve tried sous vide before for about 4 hours, I’ve tried slowly in the oven and I’ve never reached beefy excellence. I’m determined to get this right. I’m going with a heston-ish approach with a pre sear and a 24 hour sous vide at 52 degrees C which whilst technically food illegal, causes some aging enzymes to kick in. Im hoping the long slow cook will get me something pink, juicy and not a tiny bit of chewiness Our Expensive rib roast – just one rib, deboned. Note how I am now using the red... View Article

Sous Vide Rib Eye – attempt 2

The last attempt as sous vide steak didnt go too well. We had some wonderful feedback from the epic greedy gourmet and Chef decambuse suggesting using rib eye instead, and cooking for longer. So here we go. Our chunky rib eye, we have salt and peppered the crap out of the poor thing Vac packed with butter In he goes for 2.5 hours at 54 degrees c As usual, after the warm bath it looks horrible… After a good pat down, into a pan AS HOT AS THE FIRES OF LEGEND for micro seconds Oh my Ginty. This is it.... View Article

Sous Vide Steak

I bloody adore this machine. Possibly more than the kitchen aid. We’re doing glorious sous vide steak. I intended on rib eye, but morrisons had the most glorious thick sirloins with a glorious fat marbling through them, so here we are. Add tasty salt and tasty pepper. Lots of both Butter can not hurt ANYTHING. Let’s add some, cram in a bag, and vac pac And in our lads go at 55 degrees C Will be back in about an hour. Im waiting for the heston chips to firm up in the freezer Okay doke, they have been in about... View Article