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Duck Bourguignon

I thought I was being rather off the wall in my thinking by doing duck bourguignon instead of the usual beef Turns out loads of people have done, but never mind, loads of people have done everything. Everybody has doing everything of something sometimes. So let us begin on our Duck Voyage As a side note I adore fiddling with ducks. You can do so much with them, just from this one duck Ive got about 5 different dishes out it if, duck bourguignon, distilled consommé, something with breasts, crispy skins and something else Im probably forgetting. Here is our... View Article

Garlic and Lamb Spanish thing

La Tasca used to do a wonderful lamb stew thing. It had loads of garlic in, glorious fall apart lamb, whole peppercorns, chunks of potatoes, garlic and I think it was cooked in white wine. Last time I went they had really dummed down the menu and got rid of a lot of my favourites. They may have reintroduced this glory, I’ve just checked. They havent. It wasn’t a gloopy thick stew, it was quite thin, you needed lots of bread to soak up all the gloriously garlic infused oil. I’ve been to asda for some lamb. I always look... View Article