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Thai Fish Pumpkin Curry Thing

This is one of my favourite curries. It has never ever let me down. This isn’t a punchy spicy curry, this is winter curry. A curry for a cold winters night, a smooth, sweet, savoury cuddle of a curry. Its based on Nigella’s curry. Basically you need to pre roast your squash before creating a gloriously silky curry base with coconut milk. Add your salmon right at the end with the curry off the heat to keep everything held together. Serve not with rice.

Thai Restorative Joy

I’m still struggling writing here. I always found it great therapy, an escape. I’m struggling with my relationship with food at the moment, it doesn’t seem the same, the desire is there, but its somehow dulled? Cooking is a happy time, everything needs to be ok and safe in your bubble to feel truly comfortable whilst cooking. I forced myself into a good healthy meal of excellence. A meal an epic entrepreneur would eat for lunch to fill himself with power and energy. THAI soup noodles. Wonderfully healthy and restorative, extortionately expensive in tampopo, costs nothing in a real world... View Article