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Deep Fried Turkey

Being the avid burning kitchen reader that you are, I’m sure you’ll be aware I’ve been having a bit of crappy time recently, constantly battling with one thing or a bloody another. Lots of tiny violins please. What makes me happy and feel really lucky in this chunk of universe is knowing that I can walk upto some chaps/chapesses and say “I’ve had an idea, do you fancy doing something dangerous?” And in less than 8 seconds we’re off to Macro to buy all the gear to make the dream a reality. It’s Christmas. I’m not a fan of it... View Article

Dolmades without Vine leaves

The sun has just come out. I’m going to pretend I am somewhere else. Tonight I have decided it is to be an epic turkish/greek feast ‘thing’ I am sure I am offending millions of people by clumping their cuisines together. The slow lamb is in the oven. Let us start on the Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) I adore these ever so much. Wonderful memories watching the sun set over the ocean whilst having a few of these to nibble on. Of course I have no vine leaves. I’ll be using cabbage. Stage one of dolmades without vine leaves is... View Article