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Season 1 Highlights

I do hope you read the season 1 end post ? Of course you did. SO enough of sad. Let us look back on season one of the burning kitchen and all the adventures. In no specific order. SUMMER Summer was a glorious strange time of confusion and random. It featured various levels of epic BBQing, booze and the crystal maze. The highlight I think being the community coleslaw and the epic sous vide pulled pork Look at this trendy man making coleslaw: Look at all that fruit juice Mr sous vide really worked so well on that tasty pork... View Article


There is always mince in the fridge. If the world ended I could make a single packet of mince feed 400 people for 400 days, like Jesus did with the wine and fishes, but more mince based. Tonight Im doing mince thing with dumplings. Its basically mince, with everything left in the fridge, loads of veg…with dumplings…the more dumplings the better. We start with cheap mince. My good close personal friend Mr Blumenthal (he never calls) told me to almost burn my mince before cooking to get that melliard reaction going…it does makes a difference…split your mince into two pans... View Article