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You know better than to expect an accurate format of review here, (I still feel so bad about the inaccurate review of lake road kitchen) but never the less (should ‘never the less’ be all one word? – I feel like it should be?) and about 2 weeks later, I present a poor review of Wahaca Manchester.

Being an international #entrepreneur and #businessman I was in Manchester doing #business and it happened to co-incide with the opening night of Wahaca Manchester, so being one of the UK’s leading food bloggers it made sense to go along.


Being a food type of person I’m sure you know more about Wahaca than me, it’s the chain run by Thomasina Miers (she won masterchef a few years back (she’s on that photo above, look at her there, probably wandering a street market or looking for some really good limes)), it’s all about more authentic Mexican, street foody, markety jive, that trendy stuff…more info here

They have a range of funky juicey drinks…


I can’t choose things from menus, I’d rather just be given food, my mind goes into a type of meltdown and I get sweaty…. What if I order something not nice and the guy next to me has something really ace like a melon on fire and I just get a floppy prawn that is not on fire.

Panic face


Trendy ceiling. So Manchester.

Happy days they have one of these…


We also added some other bits, I’ll do my best to remember these…


Crispy pork crackling and guacamole – ace, as it should be. Guacamole several mega steps up from the tub you get in morrisons, this was gloriously lumpy and spicy and limey.


Broccoli with green goddess dressing was ACE. I have no idea what green goddess dressing is, will give it a google. Served at the same time was a bowl of heaven sauce. Beans and chorizo in a happy slow stewy marriage of sweet savoury goodness. A goo to be spread on anything and enjoyed.


The pace is manic, food arrives as it as cooked, after about 10 minutes we are table rammed with food


Tasty corn…tastes like tasty corn…


I wasn’t rushed, but it felt like some format of food sprint. I needed a sit outside for 10 minutes in the fresh air to recover.


It was all lovely and fresh and a mile away from bloody burritos. Don’t get me wrong, I adore a trampy burrito, it has it’s time and place.

We had had #business cocktails before hand and I was a little under the weather so I need another go, maybe more of a lunch time thing… Wahaca does fall into the box of honesty however that I’m liking at the moment. It’s a chain and super well branded with excellent menu paper weight and a really well designed website…but the food is honest and simple and tasty…and actually probably rather healthy.


  • PolyFood says:

    No photo of the chocolate churros? Must say, the pork scratchings look wonderful

  • Phil says:

    What! I had no idea that a) Wahaca had opened or that b) you were in Manchester. Drop me an email next time you’re in town, I’ll see if I can swing by and you can get in a review of Hawksmoor or Almost Famous or summat.

  • Phil says:

    Dude! Ace. I owe you a return email but I am massively crap at keeping touch with everyone I know. And after three days I’m still struggling to post a comment on your L’Enclume that’s worthy of the truly excellent write up

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